We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful, functional space that feels great…
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At KRFS, we want you to thrive in the environments where you live, work, and play.

Our services are hands-on and customized: your choice of interior design, clutter-clearing, organization, and Feng Shui cures so that your space feels like you and supports the lifestyle that you want.

Call us today to schedule an in-home or Skype consultation at 205.983.0888 or email katierogersfengshui@gmail.com.  We offer workshops and classes year round too!


Declutter Your Way to Clarity eCourse: this Spring 2020 (*special Coronavirus edition) ...learn more.

Feng Shui & the Energetics of Money Feb 20, 2020 eCourse, ! … learn more.

9-week Feng Shui Journey, begins week of Oct 19, 2020! … learn more.

The Feng Shui for Romance eCourse, on-going in February, 2020! SIGN UP NOW! …learn more.

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