Art and How It Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Today’s Living Social Deal inspired this post.  $15 for $30 of artwork.  Curious (I have a blank wall or two, and I’m due for some changes in my home), I clicked on the link to Fine Art Print to find a dizzying array of images.

Here are a few:

Flaming Flower painting by Nadine Rippelmeyer
Pluto painting by Scott Listfield
Cloud Cover photo by Mal Bray
Rain Princess by Leonid Afremov

Ah, the power of art.  You’ll recall my blog about how film influences our subconscious.  Well, the same applies to the art on our walls.  After all, we see it every day of our lives!

There are many ways to “uncover” the symbolism (both personal and archetypical) in art.  Play with the images above, or check out the art in your own home.  To determine the “feng shui quality” of it, ask yourself the following three questions:
1.  What is the overall feeling of the image?  Perhaps find a few adjectives to describe that feeling.
2.  If I had to explain this photo/painting/image to an alien who had never been to Earth, how would I describe it?  (i.e. you’d have to explain “umbrella” in the last image)  Even colors play a large role.
3.  If someone I really admired saw this image, how may he or she describe it?  Would he or she like it?
4.  Does this image make me feel higher?  Or lower?

I suggest reading up on dream symbolism to take the exploration a bit further.

The above questions will help you determine your personal symbolism to the painting and whether it belongs in your home or not.  When you’ve understood the deeper meaning of an image, ask yourself the following VIQ.

Very Important Question:  Does this image represent “who I want to be” and “where I want to go” in life?  (If these images appear in your children’s rooms, ask if you want that type of influence for them.  This also applies to spouses, of course!)

It’s a good idea to take the bagua map into account.  If your home was divided into a tic-tac-toe of nine equal sections, and you placed this map with the Kan line lining up with the front door, you can determine where each section lies in your home.  (i.e. Money is in the back left corner of your home.  Health is in the center.)


To rev up each section, place art that aligns with what you want for yourself and family.  A painting that depicts a bowl full of fruits or a lush landscape would be great in the Abundance/Money section.  Photos of you and your spouse work (wedding pics?) in the Romance.  Vibrant, happy art with bold colors is great in the Self-Expression/Fame gua.  Of course, make sure the artwork works with the decor.

The power of image can work for you or against you when it comes to feng shui.  Choose empowering images and live an empowered life, I say!

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