How One Woman Landed Her Dream Job at Tesla Motors Using Feng Shui

Wendy is a long-time cherished client who came to me a few years ago with a request for me to Feng Shui her home. Since then, we’ve decluttered, Reiki’d, and done several Feng Shui tune-ups. I’ve been able to watch her grow and shift and, well…she recently “evolved” to receive what she calls “the opportunity of a lifetime” as a result of her personal work.

Feng Shui, meditation, journaling, and Reiki are all ways to “tune into yourself,” as Wendy so eloquently puts it. This way, she was able to follow a thread of synchronicities that opened the door to transition from a great job as an immigration lawyer in Alabama to now as Senior Counsel for Global Immigration for the famous Tesla Motors.

Here, we credit the beautiful fountain that I recommended as a big part of this positive life change. Using the bagua map, she placed it in the Career section of her office, and because water is the element associated with Career, this was a powerful, but simple cure.

Watch this video and get inspired!


Trees in Feng Shui: Importance of Proper Pruning Techniques

Trees add so much life force and beauty to a property, and in Feng Shui, they represent the element of Wood (obviously). Of course, the proper placement of a tree as well as the care its given is extremely important in ensuring positive chi.

Here Katie talks about tree “topping,” which is, in general, a way of “choking” the chi of a tree. Proper pruning is absolutely essential when maintaining the integrity of a tree, so please do your research and hire knowledgeable persons to help you with your landscape needs!

For more on this topic, write “crape” in the Blog search window to more information on best practices with your crape myrtles. The Director of the Birmingham Botanical Garden gives his two cents!


VIDEO: Author Lanier Isom Declutters Her Books

I love books. If you are reading this, you probably love books too. For some, it represents their identity. For others, it’s a safe haven.  On a whole, books are seen as very positive in Feng Shui, as they represent higher learning, knowledge, and expansion.

But what happens if you are drowning in them? Author Lanier Isom, of Grace and Grit fame, talks about her process of getting rid of boxes and boxes and boxes of her beloved books, and why she did it.


VIDEO: The Feng Shui of Decluttering – An Interview with Author Lanier Isom

Katie had the pleasure of working with Lanier Isom, the author of Grace and Grit, helping her to go on a DECLUTTER BINGE of sorts.  They laughed, they cried, and together they created a new and healthier living space for Lanier and her family.

See what Lanier has to say about “stuff, and how it is not just “stuff,” but actually representations of deeper issues, likes, and dislikes going on in your life, including family dynamics, psychological blocks, and eventually a path to a greater sense of self and freedom.

Thanks, Lanier, for a great interview!



Why Red Doors are a Cliche in Feng Shui

You may have heard the cliche in Feng Shui concerning red front doors:  that if your front door is red, it’s good Feng Shui or to have good Feng Shui, your front door must be red.  The answer to this is NO, this is not true! You absolutely do not need a red front door for good chi. In fact, you don’t have to have a single drop of red on your entire property!

However, I like to say that cliches are cliches for a reason.  Sometimes, a home just calls for that red front door, and if it does, I am sure to suggest it, knowing full well that the client may or may not resonate with it!  After all, the red front door can be a major cure.

In the case of Lanier Isom, author of Grace and Grit, the red front door was the perfect answer.  Her home is set back on the property and the driveway curves in a certain way so that chi was escaping before it could reach the entrance to her home.   Symbolically, this could represent missed opportunities for the inhabitants, as well as health issues and the like.  Besides, Lanier was tired of the “shutter” door (like a screen door) that covered the glass pane door, so she decided to get rid of it, and update the remaining door with a fresh coat of paint.

How delighted I was when she agreed on the red!  Why?  Because I know how powerful a charge a red front door can give a space.  It’s like shouting out to the Universe, “Helloooo, I’m here, and I’m ready for ALL THE GOOD you have to send my way!  Woohooooo!!!  See me, I’m here!  Bring it on!”   A red front door has the potential to change EVERYTHING for the better.  And it works fast.

Sure enough, Lanier had some unexpected career opportunities appear out of nowhere soon after painting the door.  🙂  Whether it’s the work she’s done over the past year with decluttering and Feng Shui, or just the door itself, we will never know, nor does it matter.

The point is, the “face lift” she’s given to her home is serving her and her family in ways unseen and invisible.  Plus, it’s just pretty, don’t you think?


How Pets Are Great Feng Shui

You all hear me use the word, “chi” a lot.  “Chi” translates loosely to “energy” in English.

In Feng Shui, we want to promote positive, free-flowing chi in the home so that a person can cultivate a positive, in-the-flow life.

There are gazillions of ways to cultivate chi…and pets are one of them.  As long as they are healthy and happy, a sweet dog, cat, or other loving and well-loved animal brings life — and unconditional love (the best chi of all) — into the home!

So please, take care of and thank your sweet furry or feathery or scaly friend, because they are doing way, way more for you than you know!

Note:  if you are considering adopting a pet, please go to your local shelters first!  There are many abandoned, sweet animals that need homes.  Also, only give an animal as a gift if you are 100% sure that the recipient can afford the time and care it takes to give the love the pet deserves and needs.  


Easy Fixes for Major Life Change using Feng Shui

Once again, I emphasize the importance of the front entrance for attracting positive vibes into your life!

An important thing to take note of is the fact that even seemingly small annoyances can actually be representative of big rifts in the positive flow of energy.  Think about it:  In Jill’s case here, her mailbox would not open properly, and every time she went to get the mail, it took some slightly extra effort.  Plus, this flaw was noticeable to the “subconscious eye” of anyone visiting.  Therefore, given that this is at the ever-important front entrance, there was a lower quality of chi entering the home in general!  No matter how well-decorated the interior is, this “little” problem was actually causing major rifts in the positive potential of the home!  Since everything is symbolic in Feng Shui, this meant that there was a general lower vibe in the inhabitants’ lives.  The little mailbox issue was not so little!

But how cool is it that such an easy fix (just fix the darn mailbox!) can raise the vibration in a major way!

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