How Furniture Is More Than Just Furniture in Feng Shui

People come to me, not to just improve the look and feel of their homes, but with their life issues.  It’s my job to find “clues” around their homes and offices that could possibly be symbolic blocks to the lives they are desiring.

Furniture is a key component to promoting Feng Shui in a space, but the ways it is affecting you may surprise you.

Think about it:  If someone wanted to find a romantic partner, and they were sleeping in a  single bed, wouldn’t that be a powerful signal to the Universe that there wasn’t room for that special someone?

When someone wants better connection to their community, but their living room furniture is set up so that it really is comfortable only for one or two people, that too can be sending the message out of: I want to be alone!

Sometimes, it’s a simple shift in the layout of the furniture, but in some cases, a client may need to make new purchases.

Here, we are back with Stephen Fletcher, owner of The Yoga Circle in Birmingham, Alabama, and we discuss how his choice for improved shelving actually helps promote business!



My Fave Declutter Books

Don’t even get me started on clutter  (Just put the word “declutter” or “clutter” into the Search window on my blog, and you’ll get some goodies!)  Hope you all will join me in January for the BIG CLEAN OUT in preparation for Chinese New Year.  Class starts Jan 13th and lasts 27 days!  DO IT!  Make 2016 the best yet!


Music for a Higher Vibe

We all know how a good song can shift our mood, right?  After all, sound IS vibration.  Shift the energy in your home (or in this case, your car) and you’ll feel immediate results!

Here’s a quick listen at one of my favorite artists for raising my vibration (and yes, I get a little enthusiastic at the end here).   Enjoy!


A Kundalini Yoga Demonstration by Kewal Nam

I love yoga, and I particularly love Kundalini Yoga.  Kundalini is a branch of yoga using breath, meditation, poses, and chanting.  It can be a little (okay…very) strange to those who haven’t tried it, but I encourage you to “be weird” and give it a shot.  You’ll see — you’ll feel high and glowing after a class!  Try this set in your own home for a taste, presented by my dear friend and teacher, Kewal Nam.

Enjoy the high!


Rainbow Magic in the Home

I have a special affinity for rainbows.  My friends know to text or call me right away if there’s one hanging around outside.  And I seem to find them in the strangest of places, at the most opportune times.

The symbolism of rainbows is timeless! The message is: “Have hope, believe in magic, and hold onto your faith.”  They are reminders of our true selves — our true colors, so to speak — and that we are all connected through the vibration of love.  Putting rainbows in your home in some way, either through artwork, decor, or round-faceted crystals and prisms, are powerful reminders of the beauty of life.


A Feng Shui Cure for Harmonious Family Relationships

With the holidays upon us, we could all use any help we can get to ensure harmonious relations between family members, right?  Here’s a little fun Feng Shui tip that will infuse those relationships with an extra dose of positive energy.


P.S. These beautiful Southern ladies (born and raised in Alabama) are my two great-aunts and my grandmother (on the right), taken some years back.  This area of the bagua is more about your Family Heritage rather than the one you are creating (there is a Children section as well), so keep that in mind.  Photos of ANYONE in your Family work wonderfully!

GrandmamaIf you’d like for me to check out your floor plan and create the bagua map for you, email me!  It’s a great tool for all the Feng Shui cures you are receiving.


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