A Feng Shui Wedding

I love love.
I really do.
Therefore, the Playing Cupid part of my job is just-so-fun.
For those of you unfamiliar on the workings of a feng shui consultation, when a client comes to me, I don’t start by rearranging furniture.
I start by asking them their objectives, a.k.a. what they want to improve or manifest in their lives.  
In this case, this particular young woman – the brilliant Heather Goldberg of Spork Foods – was tired of dating Mr. Wrong after Mr. Wrong, and was finally ready for ever-lasting love.
She wanted the fairy tale ending.
I’d say she got it.  This photo was taken three days ago.
FACT:  Two years ago, she called me for a feng shui cure for romance.  
OTHER FACT:  She met her groom THAT WEEK!
Once upon a time very swiftly became happily ever after thanks to some ridiculously simple feng shui cures.
Yes, yes, yes. 
I’ll share the cures with you, but only if you read to the bottom of the blog, okay?
Here goes:
1.     She already had these paintings, which are a pair (ahem, a pair is good for Romance), and are the colors significant to the Romance gua. (pinks, reds, and whites).  
And look!  There’s a diamond ring on them!   While these paintings may not be the typical images for “love and marriage,” (neurons?) I didn’t see anything harmful in its message, so I suggested she give them a whirl.
2.     How perfect!  She already had this box with the word “LOVE” etched on the top.  Precious.  I told her to write down the qualities she wished for in a man on little pieces of paper and place them in there.
3.     Now she had created a little love vignette to attract her future groom!   On the nightstand they went, which also happened to fall into the Romance section of her bedroom according to the bagua map, and VOILA!
….THAT SAME WEEK, she met the man you see standing by her side at the altar. 
The wedding was beautiful, the bride stunning and beaming, the groom handsome and grinning, the dancing divine, and the food (vegan!) fabulous, the guests glowing.
Now….here is an interesting side fact, and why I wanted you to keep reading.  While mingling with friends and family at the wedding, I discovered that the fair bride had shared this particular cure to some of her single friends some while back, in hopes that it would work for them too.  You know, the part about making a list and putting it in a “love box.”   Talking to two “participants,” one young lady had had success and found her current and lasting boyfriend, where the other had not.
WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?  Why do some cures work for some people and not for others??!?!
To begin, Heather was READY.  I mean, ready.  The quality of the tone in her voice when she called me, plus the fact that she went into action immediately setting the cures, helped a lot.  She was razor-sharp decisive.  She wanted to get married.  Period.
Also, the rest of her home was “feng-shui-ready.”  Just because the Romance section is decorated with hearts and lovebirds does not mean that the rest of the home is clear of “romantic blocks.”  For example, take a look at your Self-Knowledge section.   Without a strong sense of self, how can you know what you want in a partner?   Or what about clutter?  Clutter can be the death of everything, no matter where you find it.
The point is, romance, or lack of, can show up in hidden places throughout the home, so please don’t think that adding some pieces of paper to a box is all you have to do! 
Of course, in this woman’s case, it worked and her wish came true almost instantaneously, but that was because she was 85% there already…and it showed in her home.
While there may be some layers to go through, and there may be some resistance in implementing certain cures, and a little more effort than placing traits into a Love box, feng shui always yields results in some form or another.
So the question remains:  Do you really want the fairy tale ending?  Or not?
Congratulations, Heather and Josh Bell!!!  Love y’all…
Good.  Because I expect more wedding invitations in the mail, please.  J


My Little Blogging Break(through)

My darling readers!

I am taking an unexpected break from blogging for a while —

The truth is, as much as I love to write, this Year of the Horse has already taken off for me — has it for you too? —  like crazy fast that I can barely keep up!  I gotta make sure I have my balance so I can take ‘er full speed ahead!  One of the things I’m letting go of is the pressure to blog, and I tell you what, it was a strange relief to make that decision.  Took some pressure off myself, really.

If you happen across this message, perhaps it is a sign that you too can cut back or let go of something that you hadn’t considered?  

I’d LOVE to see you over email however!  If you’d like my every-so-often emails in your Inbox, please contact me at katierogers777@gmail.com.  And Like Katie Rogers Feng Shui on Facebook.  I will be piping up in these places from time to time….

…but for now — it’s focus time!

…and no worries, I’ll be back.  Trust me, I have blog ideas galore, just waiting in the thresholds.

Cheers, and I hope to hear from you elsewhere!

All in good chi,

P.S.  Please:  Use the search engine right there to your right with the little magnifying glass:  I have so much material on here.  Words like “money” “romance” “books” “space clearing” — you name it, should yield results!  Thanks!


The Easiest Organization Method I Know

I am not naturally organized.

And I don’t care.

I have other talents.

But I do sometimes envy those OCD folks because, oy, organization is SO SO SO SO SO important to feng shui.

I do my best.  And I must say, I’ve come a long way since being the messiest roommate in the college suite.

Of course, in my weaker moments, when I have let things go a bit, I cough it up to my creative energy or right-brainedness or whatever mumbo-jumbo…
…and it’s true, my strengths are there (even in mumbo-jumbo)…and I’m not going to fight that, because I’m lucky in that regard…but still….

…if you know anything about feng shui, you know that it’s a total COP OUT to not get organized, no matter what side of your brain you tend to favor.

Don’t COP OUT, People!  I have help for you!!!   And it’s easy as 1-2-3.   Literally.  Yay!

My feng shui teacher, Sharon Stasney, (look up her books), taught us this method.   It works for creatives and neat freaks alike.

Here it is.  Dun, dun, duuunnnn….

Sometimes a scary word, huh?  PRIORITIES.    
Not this time.
This time, it’s gonna save yo’ little fanny!

Priority 1 items are the things you use almost every day and are placed in the most accessible places.  The most accessible places may be your desktop, your countertop, or next to the sink in your bathroom, or the top of your nightstand.  The ONLY things that should be in this highly accessible places are things you use frequently!!!

(Note:  All these kitchen photos are a Real Simple Real-Life Kitchen Makeover.)

there is still quite a bit out. let’s hope these people actually cook and drink coffee.  I bet they do!

see how when you leave only Priority 1 items out, it just looks sooooooo nice and clean and fresh.  rest for your brain!  
i.e. In my own kitchen, on my countertop, I have a toaster and my Vitamix.  I do have a few supplements sitting out as well a jar for the scrub brush.  And my fruit bowl in the corner, for aesthetics and easy-grabbing.  That is all.  I used to have a nice set up cookbooks out, but guess what, I rarely use recipes and when I do, it’s usually off the Internet, so I moved them to…
—a Priority 2 area!  i.e. The bookshelf.  I’d still like access to them, but honestly, even as I write this (I don’t have many because I pared down greatly over the years), I’m wondering if I should pare down even more!  Anyway,Priority 2 areas are places that are accesssible but not in your immediate experience all the time.  In the kitchen, it’s the drawers and cabinets that are easy to get to. In the office, it’s the file cabinet that you may need to reach a little further for or just across the room.

Priority 2 in the Kitchen.  You don’t need pots and pans on the counter!
I see Priority 1, 2, and 3 here, really.

–The Priority 3 areas are those places where you store items, but, say, you may need the step stool.  It’s the bundt cake pan for the cakes you bake three or four times a year, that you put in the overhead cupboard.  It’s the part of your basement where you store your summer clothes in the winter.  It’s the attic, where you store your Christmas decorations, saving the linen closet for linens, etc.

–I even like to tag on Priority 4 areas for stuff like taxes from the past 7 years or even keepsakes that you aren’t going to revisit often.  That’s the back of the attic and the back of the basement.  🙂
This is IMMENSELY helpful on getting your home in order. 
After all, when this is all done, maintenance will be the key.  And oh, what a key that is!  But don’t worry about it now…


Spring Really Is Around the Corner….!

I thought I’d post some happy photos that I took on a Spring day a year or two ago to remind us all, that indeed, Spring is imminent!

I think we all need a reminder of that, as this Winter is seeming slow to thaw out….

(Plus I’m going to be making a little “Spring-y” announcement soon and wanted to give you a visual peek.)


Can you tell I like tulips?!

(All photos taken at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, except the last one, which is my dining room table…)  


Is This Painting Good Feng Shui For $$$?

Here was the question:
Hey Katie!  My parents gave me this drawing when they downsized. I love this artist, love the drawing (it’s all pencil!), and love the way it is framed. But it is a ship on a stormy sea! Not the best feng shui I’m thinking! If I can hang it, what section of the bagua would it work????

Alright.  Here’s the deal.  Sailboats in motion are AWESOME feng shui in the Money section of the bagua.  I have one in my Money corner, in fact, a pencil drawing as well, and I love it.

But, Oh, this is a tricky one…
…because there is definitely a storm a-brewing in this picture.

Or is it a storm a-waning?

Regardless, it’s a mighty boat on a mighty sea with a mighty sky.  That boat is absolutely harnessing the power of the wind, and that’s exactly what the Money sector is all about — harnessing those Winds of Fortune, in fact.

My advice to this client:
 Since you love it, I will say Yes, hang it in your Money sector, and only in your money sector.  But be forewarned — you may have quite a strong wind of sorts coming your way, so please prepare yourself.   According to the size and strength of the boat in the picture, you are prepared!

This is a case where I would have you hang it, but pay extra special attention to what happens in the days and weeks after hanging it.  This is a riskier piece than some, given the storm, but if you feel like “playing” a bit with the feng shui, then I say go for it…. but learn as you go!  And I 100% support you in taking it down if things seem a little rocky for you after you do hang it.  

And, by all means, let us know what happens!

P.S.  This is a little bit more advanced feng shui, but it should be noted:  Remember that each room has a Money section in it — so if it doesn’t really fit aesthetically in the home’s Money section, the back right corner of any room will do!  Especially an office!


My Surprising Insomnia Cure

About two months ago, I quit sleeping.  Not altogether, mind you, but I was only getting about three to four hours a night.  And I’m an eight-hour-a-night gal.  At least!
It was torture.  The slightest thing would wake me up, at one or two, or three or four in the morning, and then it was all over – there was no way I was getting back to sleep.
This lasted at this intensity for about two weeks.  Sure I had had little bouts of insomnia before whenever life was a little more stressful than usual, but nothing like this!  I coughed it up to a surge of creative energy (which I really was having with some work projects) and some other fun things, and yes, the usual stressors, and eventually, I just said to heck with it, and went with it, working in those early morning hours only to be spacey and weird the rest of the day.  It did start to subside for a bit, after trying some of the following:
1.     Feng Shui – I already had this going on, but it’s worth mentioning.  I have very little electricity in the room, and it’s decorated in calm colors.  There’s no clutter and absolutely nothing under the bed.  In other words, it’s made for sleep.
2.     Bach Rescue Remedy for Sleep – I had used this before with success.  This time it wasn’t cutting it.
3.     Lavender essential oil – again it was a nice smell, but it wasn’t making me go back to sleep in those wee hours.
4.     Eating heavier at night.  I usually have dinner with my little girl before 6 PM and I usually keep it light, but maybe I needed a little more to keep my energy grounded?
5.     Exercise.  This is not a problem for me.  I am very active, running my own business, being a mom, and fitting in a workout every day.  Still, was I exercising enough???
6.     No computer near bedtime.  Again, I already practiced this, but it’s worth mentioning.
7.     Melatonin.  A couple of people suggested this.  I had never heard of it.  Sure enough, it worked!  Yes, I was drowsy the next day on it, but I liked the drowsy.  It was such a relief after the constant buzz I was on!
8.     No caffeine.  I don’t drink the stuff except when I really and truly feel like I need it (like maybe once a month), but I tell you what, if you are complaining of insomnia and you have even one cup of it a day, I suggest you re-evaluate.  Read more for why.
So the melatonin became my friend, and I got a few decent night’s sleep…but then the insomnia came back and this time, the melatonin wasn’t really working and just making me feel ill.  Two months of this!  I was going nuts.
So I talked to a sleep doctor.  He told me to keep a sleep journal.  He wanted to see if there was a pattern.  I knew this would be pointless because it was the holidays, and I was traveling and there were celebrations, and I was not going to be on any sort of schedule.  But I vowed to do it at the new year when things settled down.  I had to try!
However, the conversation did inspire me to pay attention.
Sure enough, the next day after the talk, I woke up around 3:30…and I was wide awake after about two minutes. Yes, I had a zillion thoughts running through my head, but I noticed something else.  It was as if I got a surge of energy when I was awake just enough.   I FELT this.  I felt my blood start to run faster. 
It dawned on me:  “This is something physical.”  It’s amazing how this did not even occur to me before.  After all, I knew myself well enough – with my immensely healthy sleep patterns from the past – that my thoughts were not the only thing keeping me up!  I have always had a lot of thoughts and a lot going on….
What could it be?  Why this physical “rush” early in the morning?
That next day, I let myself ponder this.  I thought back to when it began.  I thought about any changes that happened then.  I thought about this and that and….
When did I start taking those Vitamin B vitamins every morning??!?!  (I hadn’t taken vitamins since the Flintstone kind in grade school, but I had recently gotten on the bandwagon.) 
It was two months ago!!! 
Could it be?  Could it be that…. easy?!
I quit taking the Vitamin B to test it out.  Within two days, I was sleeping soundly through the night, and I have been ever since!  Even when I woke up to use the bathroom or my three-year-old crawled in bed with me, I remained in that naturally drowsy state of sleep and fell back asleep immediately upon waking, even sleeping later than I had slept in MONTHS.  (I’m typically a somewhat early riser.)
Really and truly, my insomnia was kicked.  And sleep has never felt so good!
Moral of the story:
Sometimes the solution is easier than we think.
Look to the source first.
Pay attention. 
Our bodies are sensitive.  Don’t buy what they are selling! 
And pay attention again!


Clutter: What It Is & What To Do About It

CLUTTER!  Biggest feng shui no-no of ALL!

Here’s a peek at last night’s lecture on de-cluttering and organization:

The following lists are inspired and/or borrowed by Karen Kingston‘s book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, because why reinvent the wheel? — this book is GOOD.


1.     Things you do not use or love.
2.     Things that are untidy or disorganized.
3.     Too many things in too small a space.
4.     Anything unfinished.  
·      Make you tired and lethargic
·      Keep you in the past
·      Congest your body
·      Fear of being poor
·      Fear of living your true path
·      Fear of letting good things in your life
·      Can confuse you
·      Can affect the way people treat you – respect
·      Affect your weight
·      Can make you procrastinate
·      Can cause disharmony
·      Can make you feel ashamed
·      Can put your life on hold
·      Create excess baggage
·      Can depress you
·      Can make you more disorganized
·      Be a fire/health hazard
·      Cleaning takes longer
·      Having clutter can dull your sensitivity and enjoyment of life
·      Create undesirable symbology
·      Can cost you financially
·      Can distract you from important things – does your stuff own you?
·      Lack mentality- make you poorer
·      Stuck in your woundology – identifying with a sad part of your life
1.  Get rid of it.  No really.  JUST GET RID OF IT.
2.  Organize it. (From Sharon Stasney:  Decide if the item is Priority 1 — needs to be accessible easily and often; Priority 2 — still needs to be accessible but not, say, on the countertop; Priority 3 — doesn’t have to be readily accessible — can be in more of a storage type space.  Then give the item a “home” accordingly!)

Again, it’s just a peek, but hopefully an inspiring one.  Now get to it!

IF YOU WANT MORE, then click HERE to learn more about this 27-day online Declutter Your Way to Clarity course that I offer.  It’ll give you a kick in the pants so that you’ll never want to live with clutter again! Fun, easy, and good stuff.


Feng Shui for the New Year

Who doesn’t love a new beginning?   Luckily, those of us who practice feng shui or honor Eastern cultures have two chances to celebrate New Year’s!  First on the traditional calendar day of January 1st, and then again, a few weeks later when the Chinese New Year comes around.
In feng shui, the Chinese New Year is considered very important, and it is highly celebrated.  It’s a major shift in energy, marked by animals such as Rabbit, Dragon, Tiger, and Ox and elements such as Fire, Water, and Earth.   This year the date is January 31st, 2014, and we are entering the Year of the Wood Horse, moving out of 2013, the Year of the Water Snake.
It’s considered beneficial to acknowledge the changing of the years with certain rituals and acts in order to usher in good chi (a.k.a. energy) to last all year long. 
Here are 5 feng shui tips to help you do just that:
1.     Do a clean sweep.   Literally.  It’s tradition in feng shui leading up to the Chinese New Year to clean like crazy as to not bring any of the old, “dusty” chi into the new year.   The goal is to have the home in best condition as possible on the first day of the new year and then NOT do any cleaning that day and the days after.  You want to keep the good chi IN those days!   When you clean, be sure to pay special attention to your stove (it represents prosperity) and under you bed and any places that are particularly neglected.
2.     De-clutter.  Clutter is the biggest feng shui no-no of all!   Go through your things, and if it doesn’t fit with the “future version of you” or if you don’t use it, don’t love it, or it’s just not serving you, get rid of it!  It’s the fastest way to shift the energy in your space and therefore your life.  
3.    Set some intentions.   In the West, we call them resolutions.  In feng shui, we call them intentions.   There is something powerful about being specific about what you would like to experience in the upcoming year and then voicing them or writing them down.  Even better, implement symbolic feng shui cures to bring the intention further into your subconscious.  For example, if you intend to write a book this year, mock up a jacket for your book and put it on another one and place in your Creativity section of your home.  If you’d like to manifest more romance, put two candles (representing a pair) in your Love corner.   (The list goes on!)
4.     Decorate.  Traditionally, the Chinese use reds and golds to make their home beautiful and “rich” for the new year, hanging lanterns and paper cut-outs.  Again, symbolism is considered: placing candies in bowls to bring in a “sweet” year; oranges for abundance; and flowers, for beauty and love.  Another tradition is to buy something new to wear on New Years Day, especially in the color red or a hue that correlates with the element for the upcoming year. 

5.     Celebrate.   There are many traditions on how to spend the first two weeks of the new year, including handing out money in red envelopes (generating prosperity), giving oranges as gifts, (also generating prosperity) and snapping firecrackers on new year’s eve (to scare away any unpleasant energies from the previous year).  Another one is to gather with friends and family in good cheer with good food, especially on New Year’s Eve.  Although these may seem like fun and games, the very act of celebrating actually generates positive chi.   So even if you don’t participate in the red envelopes, perhaps invite some friends for dinner — and make a toast to the blessings of new beginnings. 
To usher in amazing, positive energy for 2014 with the help of feng shui, sign up for Katie’s on-line 27-day program: Charge Ahead in 2014 with Feng Shui!   It’s only $1 a day!   Email Katie at KatieRogers777@gmail.com to register!  See the Event on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/226207920836654/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar

The Meaning of Nine in Feng Shui

Yes, numbers have meaning too.  (Haven’t you already discovered in feng shui, that everything seemingly has meaning?!)

In feng shui, nine (and increments of nine:  18, 27, 36, 45, and so on) is considered extremely powerful.   In fact, nine is to numbers in feng shui as red is to color.  It’s simply super-charged, energized, GOOD feng shui.


So why NINE?

Nine is considered the number of completion, the point where one cycle ends and other begins, so it’s in that wonderful in-between spot on the number spectrum, giving it a bit of magic.

It’s also charged by the mystical number three, giving it a hidden power.   After all, 3 times itself equals 9.  And of course you remember your math tables:  9 times anything yields the number 9 when the digits are added.  i.e.  9 x 5 = 45.  4 + 5=9.  

Therefore the number 9 is considered steadfast, lucky, and symbolic of higher attainment, accomplishment, and success.

When using it for feng shui cures, it holds a certain power where other numbers may seem to “leak.”  One of my favorite uses of 9 is to cut red ribbons into increments of 9, 18, or 27 inches to make sure the cure is tight and sure.

I also like to occasionally give rituals or cures that last 9 or 27 days or use 9 or 27 items or mantras, or in the case of my upcoming on-line workshop, the fee adds up to the number 9.

All in all, nine has a very auspicious energy and when using it along with traditional feng shui cures, it has a practically fail-proof effect.

Each number holds its own magic and power — which numbers do YOU resonate with?……

 [Click here for more info on the 27-day New Year program entitled: Charge Ahead in 2014 with Feng Shui — it costs only $27 — intended to help you ROCK 2014.  Email me at katierogersfengshui@gmail.com to register!]


Red Front Doors: The Feng Shui Cliche for a Reason

even without the Christmas cheer, this door is cheery!

Oh, the famed red front door.  I can’t count the times that, when I told someone I was a feng shui consultant, they respond with, “Oh, isn’t that where you paint your front door red?”

My response?

“Actually yes it is.  Sometimes.”

The truth is, if it’s not aesthetically pleasing, it’s not feng shui.


So don’t go painting your front door red if it doesn’t suit the look of your home.  Please, don’t do that.


If your home can handle a red front door:  get ready because it’s one of the most powerful feng shui cures that you can do!

I’m such a sucker for this color combo

The color red in feng shui is considered the good luck color.  It holds a TON of energy.  Think of it as the super-charged attractor color.  Yet it’s also protective.  It’s an activator of sorts.

And when I say “get ready,” I mean it.  Because once you paint that front door red, you really should be prepared for some sort of (possibly major) shift in your life.  How big the shift is depends on how big of a shift you need in your life.  I’ve had clients paint their doors red, and suddenly all their wishes are coming true.  But I’ve also seen folks who implement this cure go through a sort of rocky period while things “shake out.”  For example, if you are in a bad relationship but just haven’t comes to terms with that….the red front door will bring a lot of it to the surface.  If you don’t like your job, then expect a change there.

this pop of red is scrumptious with the plant life

You get the idea.  If you’ve been ignoring some aspect of your life, the intense chi of the red front door won’t really let you get away with it any longer.

And that’s a good thing!

Of course, if the rest of your house has some wonky feng shui going on (missing bagua sectors; clutter; mis-use of interior spaces; etc.), then it would serve you to tend to those.  After all, the front door is a powerful aspect in feng shui and represents what kind of opportunities you bring into your life.  So once you get the door dailed in, you want your space to be able to “hold” the good and let it circulate and stay a while.

an awesome example of how a red front door can help your interiors as well

All in all, in my experience, I’ve seen the power of the red front door, and even if it’s uncomfortable for the client for a while, it’s all good in the end.  And even if you can’t paint your front door red for whatever reason, having some red near it (a door mat, potted flowers, even a ribbon on some wind chimes) is a also a simple but powerful cure that is sure to bring some good chi your way.

the yellow is still chi-raising, but look at these red flowers with it

Source:  First 4 photos from shelterness.com with thanks!  
Source:  Last 2 are from organizeyourstuffnow.com also with thanks!  

play with different shades of red…look how dreamy this entrance is with this softer shade

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