Katie Rogers Feng Shui is based in the vibrant Birmingham, Alabama.  Katie offers consultations world-wide via Skype. and/or phone.

katie-rogers-lgKatie received her certification in Feng Shui in 2003-4 through the Feng Shui Training Center in SLC, Utah where she studied under author Sharon Stasney in the Tibetan Black Hat tradition through the line of Grandmaster Lin Yun.  Katie is currently a member of the International Feng Shui Guild with Professional Red Ribbon status.

Katie stumbled upon Feng Shui in 1998, when working in a “sea of gray cubicles” under fluorescent lights.  She intuitively grasped the negative effects this environment was having on the employees and had the bright idea to “make up a job going into businesses to make the environment better in order to create happier, more productive employees, therefore enhancing the bottom line of the company.”  While browsing the interior decorating aisles of a bookstore in Austin, she came across Feng Shui and saw that job already existed.  She put some of the tactics into place in her own home and in those of friends, and when she immediately started getting results, she was hooked.


Katie learned about decluttering and organizing by way of Feng Shui, when she realized her own “creative habits” were having an adverse effect on her life.  She now teaches on the subject and declutters homes and offices for a living.  Her inspirations are Karen Kingston and more recently, Marie Kondo.

Reiki Master

Katie has been certified in all three levels of Reiki since 2005, earning her Master status.  She does healing work for clients on a regular basis and uses her Reiki knowledge to help clear spaces during Feng Shui sessions.


Katie’s first love is writing, including screenwriting, which is what brought her to Los Angeles in 2000, where she also completed a documentary on the “feng shui of cities,” titled CarLess in LA.    Katie has found work as a ghostwriter; associate editor at a publishing  company; mural painter, preschool teacher; a p.a. at an animation house; and an educator and Forestry Manager at the non-profit, TreePeople.   She has studied screenwriting and story with John Truby and with professors at UNO in Prague and also graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2009.


Katie has been a certified arborist (a.k.a. tree specialist) since 2012 with the International Arborist Association (ISA).  She specializes in urban plantings, tree placement, and volunteer management.