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Tap into Feng Shui in a deep way with Katie’s personalized instruction.  A beautiful balance of group energy and individual sessions, you’ll learn about spirit guides, affirmations, Law of Attraction, totem animals, angels, intention-setting, color energy, crystal work, intuitive guidance, vision boarding, all in within the structure of Feng Shui concepts such as the bagua map, five element theory, mantras, cures, and chi flow.  You’ll gain information that you will utilize for life!  THIS IS A TOTALLY CUSTOM EXPERIENCE!

This workshop includes:

  • Nine 90-minute weekly teleconferences where Katie will provide tools through the powerful vehicle of feng shui, including intimate knowledge of the art, weekly actions steps, inspiring resources, and real-life stories (Value: $1620)
  • Three One-on-One sessions with Katie Rogers via Skype or phone. First, to set your intentions and goals and to assess your current life situation; second, to asses your home and receive the cures that need to be set — i.e. Feng Shui consultation; third, follow-up on fengshui and goal-setting to ensure ultimate success (Value: $590)
  • Bagua mapping of your space (Value: $45)
  • Color Reading with Katie Rogers (Value: $99)
  • Soul Essence Reading with Katie Rogers (Value: $250)
  • Email access to Katie throughout the duration of the workshop
  • Accountability to an amazing, inspired, and focused group of people via email and/or the Facebook Group
  • PLUS … Surprises throughout the course!

The Actual Value of this 9-week FENG SHUI JOURNEY with KATIE ROGERS is over $3000but it is being offered at $1397! 

This comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Limited space, so sign up today!

9-week Feng Shui Journey Workshop


  • Hi Katie, I thought I should update you on what's happening on this end. I'm sure everything is connected, but I dropped all the bad guys and Feng Shui'd the crap out of my room. Now I have four major job offers, I quit smoking (now on week 3!!!) and have signed up for yoga for relaxation/clarification purposes. Plus, the quality of guys that I'm meeting is much better, but I'm less focused on them.    Sleep is a LOT better --- and I feel healthier and less exhausted when I wake up :)   I did not rest until I made everything good! Accenting with red & yellow, bronze & grey!   YOU are awesome, and the world should know. Thank you again for all your help --- didn't realize my life was going to change so much as a result of Feng Shui!    I have a sweet new job, a zest for life and have weeded out all the crap men in my life...I know what I want from myself AND everyone else thanks to you and Feng Shui. For real.

    Laura SchrefflerLos Angeles, CA
  • I got a husband out of the whole thing.

    Jill C.Birmingham, AL
  • Wow... that is all I can say after my Feng Shui consultation with Katie Rogers. Last year I embarked on Katie’s amazing 27-day declutter eCourse to get ready for the Chinese New Year. Today I had her come to my home.   Objects do have energy and I am now a believer. Just moving our marriage Ketubah to the Romance section of our house,I can feel the energy shift. My front porch is full of items I have been carrying with me pre-Dave [that I will be selling or donating]. All of it needs to go. Our ten year anniversary is in April... It's time for a new decade... thank you Katie... you are the bomb!!!

    Christine M.Birmingham, AL
  • I feel liberated with the things you pointed out to me.  It has been amazing.   I’ve showed off the office to several neighbors and they were all so impressed.  I have purchased a new chair and the entire space is so much comfortable – success!  I’ve been using Feng Shui throughout my house looking for things to “let go of”. Thank you so much for coming out.

    Shelly M.Gardendale, AL
  • Working with Katie is always a pleasure.  As an interior designer, I've availed myself of Katie's Feng Shui expertise to help determine the flow and lay out of client's spaces, and with great results.  In the design process, it's always good to know which areas of our homes are linked to various areas of our lives, and to be able to plan the usage of space accordingly.  But even when that's not the case, the best part of Feng Shui is that there is always a simple "cure" for any situation!

    Rosa B.Rosa Beltran Design, Los Angeles, CA
  • She is like a character from a Pedro Almodovar film (if he did something in the American South).  She is mystical, hilarious, deeply soulful, and the closest thing I've ever met to a miracle worker.   Who the heck is she?   She is The Queen of Flow, Katie Rogers, my Feng Shui master.   And I'm telling you about her because she's freakin talented and one day she WILL Be famous and you will remember this email!   Many times each year, when I get stuck and the energy is not quite moving in the ways of money, love, career, health...   I will have a consultation with Katie to update the flow in my office and home. We move the art, change the lighting, clean the clutter. She lives in another city so we have our consultation over Skype.   Surely there are countless Feng Shui experts in NYC but I would never work with anyone else. Katie is the best and she makes it so fun!   AND IT JUST WORKS. EVERY SINGLE TIME.   As Katie writes, “Items in your space are either supporting you and moving you forward on a positive life path, or they are energetically holding you back and representing a block.   This is beautiful wisdom on how to let more light in your home and your life. It's practical, simple, and let me say it again, it just works!

    “Yeah Dave” New York, NY
  • The first time I hired Katie Rogers to Feng Shui my apartment, I made $2500 in three days.  The second time, I made $17,000 the day after our consultation.  I'm a believer in Feng Shui and Katie Rogers.  It was so fun and easy.  We had a blast.  And it is very powerful!  I'm committed to consultations with Katie at least 2xs a year.

    Donna S.Los Angeles, CA
  • I had a friend come today to see my house, and she cried. This is the lady that is a perfectionist. She said my house was so peaceful and beautiful. I cannot begin to tell you how much PEACE I have. Money is trying to flow in right and left. I think about you everyday, and I tell everyone every chance I get about Feng Shui. Aunt J. said this morning, "So many good things for you and G. are happening. Every time I look you are getting money in, tax refunds, rebates you name it."  I said "Feng Shui!" Katie taught me how to live and live happily and prosper. She said, "I can tell a big difference in you and your attitude over the last year!!" MOST OF ALL I guess I learned when you have zillions of STUFF the stuff owns you.   A lot of things were hard to give up but I kept saying, "Does this provide any energy?" If it did not, then it left. I sure can testify it has made us a happier, healthier, neater, cleaner lifestyle, and we both are enjoying it. LOVE YOU, Katie, AND I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU.

    Chris W.Pinson, AL