Getting Clear for the New Year! Ask Yourself These Questions

I’m a New Year’s nerd. I have always loved a new beginning, a reason to shift, the collective reset the world seems to tune to.
With my work, I get to celebrate New Year’s twice — first on January 1, then second at the Chinese New Year, usually a few weeks after.
Which is just dandy to me!  I feel like January 1 is just the warm up for Chinese New Year!
Soooo…Soon I’ll be talking about the Year of the Dog, which begins February 16, because I know you’re anxious to hear “predictions” and how to set intentions and what not, but first let’s take a peek back at 2017.  This is nice to do because it can help you let go of anything that’s not serving you from the past year…and refine your intentions for this one.
1.  What were some great things that happened during 2017 for you?  
2.  What were some things that were not as fun — list them briefly, we don’t want to harp on them — and now, what GOOD came out of each of these instances?  (It can be the slightest good or a huge breakthrough, just write it.)
3.  What clarity did you get in 2017, if any?
4.  Where and how did you grow and expand in 2017?
5.  2017 was the Year of the Rooster — did you have any “wake up calls”?  How will you apply this new information for 2018?
6.  Out of all of the above, what would you like more, more, more of?
I encourage you to take some time to WRITE DOWN your answers.  Writing is an amazing tool to process and to get clear.  You don’t have to write dissertations, but I do suggest getting a bit into it!
Remember, in Feng Shui, as you already know, this time of year is the big CLEAN OUT in preparation for the Chinese New Year.  It’s symbolic of letting go of the past and making room for the new, and guess what, IT WORKS!
Every year, this is when I do my “maintenance,” so join me and some others in this practice.  It’s nice to do it as a group — holds you accountable, and it’s inspiring to see what everyone is doing!
I’ll be encouraging on social media and in these emails, so….let’s do this!
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