Year of the Earth Dog, Message for You!

IMG_7485Hi all, Meet Maddie, the mascot I chose for this year, the Year of the Earth Dog.  Isn’t she wonderful?  She’s the biggest baby of my friend and soul sister, Elizabeth deRamus, a talented photographer here in Birmingham, photo courtesy of her!
I wanted to give you some tidbits about the upcoming Chinese New Year, happening Feb 16th!.  As you know, every year with the lunar new year calendar, there is believed to be a “shift in energy,” which is represented by an animal on the Chinese zodiac, as well as an element.  This year, it’s the Earth Dog, or Brown Dog, or Mountain Dog.
In Feng Shui, we like to do everything we can to welcome in this new energy!
I’m personally slightly giddy about this, because I LOVE DOGS.
I admit, the Rooster year was definitely full of wake-up calls for me.  Some of those wake-up calls were a little shocking to the system to be honest, so I’m ready for a little more romping and playing, represented by the Dog.  Let’s look FORWARD!
Here’s what I’m picking up for this year’s energy, 2018, Year of the Earth Dog:
Dogs are happy.  Many folks say they are the embodiment of unconditional love.  After all, they are unabashed in their affection for people — wagging tails, licking faces, following their every footstep, pawing at their knees, sometimes overboard by jumping up on them or trying to wrestle.
I picture a big shaggy slobbery happy dog bounding up to this year energetically, eager to HAVE FUN with the ones they love and adore. 
This year is about PLAY.  It’s about SHAMELESS EXPRESSION OF AFFECTION.  It’s about stumbling over oneself and not caring.  It’s about rolling in the mud, digging up bones, and just being downright care-free.  ABOUT TIME, RIGHT?
Then there is the other aspect of Dog.  The ever-watchful eye Dog has, the quick instincts, the quick-to-act.  The Protector, the Guardian, the Noble Sidekick.   Dogs set boundaries.  They speak up.  They have keen senses that they rely on, and they are discerning.
So with all the playfulness that comes with Dog, comes a sense of DUTY.  In this case, it would be a sense of duty to oneself, a recognition that we are sacred beings who deserve to have fun, love and be loved, and live freely amongst one another.   But in order to do that, we must be tuned into OURSELVES, our inner knowing and take care of that aspect of ourselves so that everything we do can spring from that special unique place within us.  In this way, “protection” doesn’t mean building walls and avoiding situations at all costs.  A stern look, standing tall, perking up the ears, and a warning bark will do in most cases.
Dogs also represent LOYALTY.  They are unyielding in their devotion.  Add the element of EARTH, which denotes stability, nurturing, abundance, and connection to the natural rhythms, I’d say that we are going to feel a lot more settled this year, like a “coming together” of sorts.
To honor Dog, consider giving your Dog special treats and extra belly rubs on February 16!  Volunteer at the Humane Society.  Offer to take a neighbor’s dog for a romp, or simply make a visit to a dog park and observe and appreciate.  Set out dog treats for neighbors who walk by your house.  Print out a photo of your favorite dog, and hang it where you can see and admire it.  Or, if you’ve been thinking about it, this year is optimum for adopting a dog of your own.  Consider a rescue!
Regardless of how you celebrate the upcoming Year of the Earth Dog, be sure to make it playful, silly, and light, preferably outdoors – just like a dog would like.
ENJOY!   Hoping the Year of the Dog brings you all that you desire!
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