“Sex & the City” Had Feng Shui All Over It!

I indulged in a few re-runs of Sex & the City this weekend.   Total guilty, girly pleasure, but it must be done on occasion, right?


It was the episode (episodes– they run together, don’t they?) where Carrie and Aiden (hottie) break up, and then she has to buy her apartment because he served her papers, yadda yadda.  Basically, we find out that she’s totally broke.  She’ll be out of the street unless she gets some major money fast.  Oh no.  What will Carrie do?

So—where’s the feng shui in that?!

Ah-ha!  It’s there.  It’s so there.

Get this:  the show opens up with Carrie fixing her toilet!  It was “flushing” by itself or something and she had donned those yellow cleaning gloves yet still managed to look cute trying to fix a toilet.  Very dramatic.

So?  Hello!  In feng shui, a broken toilet represents broken finances!  i.e. Money flushing down the toilet.

And it just happened to be an episode about Carrie having money issues!

So that’s feng shui clue number 1.

Feng shui clue number 2:

Charlotte is recently divorced, yet she is holding on to her ring “because she loves it.”  It is quite a rock.  The poor dear secretly wears it when she’s at home alone — yes, on her ring finger on her left hand — and just walks around her fancy NYC home…wearing it.

Later, Charlotte decides to help Carrie with her down payment by — guess what — giving Carrie the ring!  (Ta-da, happy ending!)  By letting go of the ring, not only is she helping out her buddy, but she is moving past and letting go of her failed marriage.

SO feng shui, right?!  Objects hold energy– especially a freaking engagement ring from a marriage that didn’t stay put.

I wonder– especially with the toilet aspect — were the Sex & the City writers schooled in feng shui?  Did they draw inspiration from it?   Or are they tapping into the universal consciousness where all feng shui knowledge lives, and it just sort of oozed its way into the creative process?  I mean, come on — was that toilet intentional or not!?

I’ll probably never know… but if I start seeing more feng shui sneaking into TV shows and money, I’m going to have start making a few calls to find out.

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