Easy Fixes for Major Life Change using Feng Shui

Once again, I emphasize the importance of the front entrance for attracting positive vibes into your life!

An important thing to take note of is the fact that even seemingly small annoyances can actually be representative of big rifts in the positive flow of energy.  Think about it:  In Jill’s case here, her mailbox would not open properly, and every time she went to get the mail, it took some slightly extra effort.  Plus, this flaw was noticeable to the “subconscious eye” of anyone visiting.  Therefore, given that this is at the ever-important front entrance, there was a lower quality of chi entering the home in general!  No matter how well-decorated the interior is, this “little” problem was actually causing major rifts in the positive potential of the home!  Since everything is symbolic in Feng Shui, this meant that there was a general lower vibe in the inhabitants’ lives.  The little mailbox issue was not so little!

But how cool is it that such an easy fix (just fix the darn mailbox!) can raise the vibration in a major way!

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