How One Woman Landed Her Dream Job at Tesla Motors Using Feng Shui

Wendy is a long-time cherished client who came to me a few years ago with a request for me to Feng Shui her home. Since then, we’ve decluttered, Reiki’d, and done several Feng Shui tune-ups. I’ve been able to watch her grow and shift and, well…she recently “evolved” to receive what she calls “the opportunity of a lifetime” as a result of her personal work.

Feng Shui, meditation, journaling, and Reiki are all ways to “tune into yourself,” as Wendy so eloquently puts it. This way, she was able to follow a thread of synchronicities that opened the door to transition from a great job as an immigration lawyer in Alabama to now as Senior Counsel for Global Immigration for the famous Tesla Motors.

Here, we credit the beautiful fountain that I recommended as a big part of this positive life change. Using the bagua map, she placed it in the Career section of her office, and because water is the element associated with Career, this was a powerful, but simple cure.

Watch this video and get inspired!

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