“Predictions” for Year of the Fire Rooster

Cock-a-doodle-doo! It’s here, 2017, and it’s time to WAKE UP!pexels-photo-102597

Imagine a feeling of alertfulness and clarity as you greet each and every day this year. There’s a purpose and a drive with the sun shining bright overhead. That’s how 2017 can be with the help of this fiery Rooster, always ready to go!

This Chinese zodiacal cycle, which begins on January 28th, 2017 promises a no-nonsense energy. While last year’s Fire Monkey may have felt like a topsy-turvy three-ring circus, the Rooster doesn’t have time or desire for such antics. Think: No b.s. this year. Monkeys love to play and meddle, as the Tricksters of the zodiac, causing a bit of a ruckus to make sure that we keep things light and not take ourselves too seriously, while the Rooster has drive and decisiveness and unapologetic power!

The energy of 2017 is akin to that of a blazing sun, given the intense combo of Fire and Rooster. It’s a “new dawn” so to speak after the monkey business of last year.

The Rooster is BOLD. He knows his place, he’s confident in it, there is not even the whisper of a thought of questioning it. Viril and proud, when the Rooster comes around there’s a bit of scattering of feathers. His sexual prowess and reputation proceeds him. The Fire of 2017 only fuels this energy. Therefore it will be a year of passion, but one well-directed. It will also be a year of exposure for those who want it. If you’re looking to be more in the limelight, this will be the year for it, so take steps accordingly!  Roosters strut their stuff!

The Rooster indeed symbolizes the “wake-up call.” He’s up before anyone else, in fact, and he wants the world to know it. “I can’t let the world get lazy on me,” is his message. He can see what’s coming (the light), and he’s going to send his message out loud and clear! Cock-a-doodle-doo! In fact, don’t even try to shut the Rooster up. Not gonna happen. His message is not only clear, it’s unavoidable!

Some believe the Rooster is also the Phoenix, the mythological creature that can burn itself to ashes, then rise up again.  Again, Fire, again, the notion of rising!  The symbolism here is that we can recreate ourselves over and over, that creation is always at hand, and that nothing truly is ever lost.pexels-photo

So this year, learn to “play with Fire,” so to speak. It can be quite useful and can temper any fears that may be lingering in regards to personal power. This is the year to put all fears to rest and to announce that they have no power over you. Be keen to direct your focus. Use your natural skills of focus this year with precision. The Rooster knows what he wants…and he is very good at getting it.

When I asked, “How can we harness the energies of the Rooster?” I received, “They can’t be harnessed. But the energies can be appreciated and respected.”

Sounds like fire to me.

What you can expect from this year is a lot of people speaking up, laser-like focus and energy and a “cutting to the chase,” and people cultivating a powerful inner strength.


Why Trump Won (According to Law of Attraction)

I have been a student of the Law of the Attraction (as presented by Abraham-Hicks) for approximately ten years. I have been an avid student for about a year and a half because I’m finding it is everything.

The Presidential Election of 2016 is a perfect demonstration of these teachings and here is how:

Law of Attraction basically says, “where attention goes, energy flows.” And where energy flows, there is the manifestation on the vibrational level first, then on the physical level, or what we call “reality.” Thoughts are energy. Humans are constantly creating with their thoughts and actions. Bottom line: when you think about what you don’t want, you send energy in that direction and therefore aid in the manifestation of it.

From the beginning of this election, Trump was the focal point. There were countless articles, insights, skits, commentaries, conversations, rhetoric, and heated emotion regarding the prospect of having a “Trump Presidency.” Sure Bernie and Hillary had their moments, but it was not enough to overshadow people’s shock, awe, and intrigue over Trump’s actions, words, and presence.

From the beginning, this election was either a pro-Trump or anti-Trump election, and the Universe only read that as “Trump” and “Trump.”

I know to look at this election in terms of “energy” may seem simplistic, but the Law of Attraction is always at work. After all, everything is energy. It has to have a vibration first before it can manifest into the physical or “real.”

While the energy flow seemed strong in Hillary Clinton’s campaign on the few days just before November 8th, there were still signs of Trump’s win on a vibrational level everywhere. Even Clinton’s campaign, #lovetrumpshate, gave Trump the upper hand. His very NAME was in HER campaign! Think about it: if Rip Van Winkle had woken up in the middle of this campaign, he would have definitely assumed that was Trump’s tagline, not Clinton’s!

Let me clarify: in my work as a Feng Shui consultant and a basic “reader of energy,” I’m keen on the messages that words have in a household or office. For example, one client had a peppy little sign in her home office that read, “Never never never never give up.” Well, the psyche sees “give up.” The subconscious can’t visualize in negatives. For example, “Remember to pick up the dry cleaning,” is much more productive than “Don’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning.” There is power, energy, and forward momentum in the word “remember” and, well, “forgetting” in the term “don’t forget.”

People were so repulsed by Trump that a momentum of energy went directly his way. The “horror” of a Trump Presidency played over and over in the minds of the American psyche that it manifested into being.

If we focus on the sort of candidate we want and the kind of country we want, then energy will flow towards that, and it too will manifest.

We are Creators in a fluctuating and ever-expanding, evolving Universe. Shift can happen, right this very moment. The best way to determine what you are creating is to check your emotions. If the thought feels badly, you are either 1) thinking about something that you don’t want, or 2) you know what you want, but you don’t believe it can come into being and therefore you’re “putting resistance into the stream.”

Take heed though! Well-being dominates EVERY time. We simply block that well-being when we forget that and let the negative thoughts and emotions spiral out. And things don’t manifest right away – we do have a buffer of time in order to catch it! Plus, know that the negative emotions and thoughts are GOOD –- they give us great clarity for what we want and a point from which to shift our focus.

The Law of Attraction is a moment-to-moment practice, and I’ve found it to be the most powerful spiritual practice of all. The result and “goal” is happiness – world and personal happiness — which is what we all want!

Take the advice of Bob Marley and “don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright.”  The good news is that if Trump is as bad as some are making him out to be, then we are all energetically creating a President that is as awesome as Trump is not!  It’s Law!

Katie Rogers holds a 9-week Feng Shui Journey Workshop infused with the studies of the Law of Attraction. She’d love to have you aboard for that and/or for the Declutter Your Way to Clarity eCourse, held in January, & the Energetics of Money eCourse, also coming up!


Creativity & Going with the Flow

11401345_10152824478657441_3358817573905441439_nI’m seeing a theme amongst friends, clients, and those in my 9-week Feng Shui Journey these past few weeks and months.  It has to do with stifled creative impulses.
It shows up in the following ways:
*A client has hired me to place artwork in her new apartment.  Her ideas are awesome, but she keeps saying that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and that she isn’t “good at this.”
*A client has some interesting pieces in her home  — a handmade pillow, an exquisite fireplace mantel arrangement — but, because she’s hired some one to do the arranging and sewing, she doesn’t take credit for her design and doesn’t understand that inspiration can come just as easily from a Pinterest post as it does from a hummingbird flying by.
*A friend admits she’s afraid of never meeting her creative potential — something she knows that brews inside her — yet there seems to be every reason under the sun to not dive into those creative endeavors she dreams of.
*A friend, one who has a great idea a minute, shuts down these ideas before he even begins, drowning in self-doubt before the ideas get a chance to marinate and develop and possibly lead to that satisfaction he’s dying for.
So the question is:  WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?
We hear about the importance of “the arts” in school and in communities, but honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if Creativity is the key to so much more!  What if illness, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse were all linked to the stifling of creative impulses?  What if we are all SO CREATIVE, yet we drone on in our daily-ness, simply because we were never encouraged in our creativity…and then we think:  this is just the way it is?
I’ve got news for you.  We are all creative.  In fact, the very act of being alive is creative.  We are, on a moment to moment basic, creating our LIVES.  Just because you don’t want to paint or write a novel, doesn’t mean that you don’t have impulses that want to be carried out!
So go with the impulses.  Stay OPEN.  Inspiration is available to you, but you have to be receptive to it.  Don’t worry if you don’t carry out every idea that comes…but do follow the bread crumbs on the ones that make you the most curious, the most excited.
Think of a kid.  Do they get the play-doh out and then, after 5 minutes, hate what they made?  NO.   They just play and when they are done, move on to the next thing.   Do they run out onto the playground and stop short and turn around and say “never mind?”  NO.  They hop on a swing, climb a ladder, make a new friend.  Does a child stop drawing just because that one picture didn’t turn out like they wanted it to?  NO.  They may be disappointed for a moment, but they have forgotten about it within hours and sure enough, the crayons are back out.
Most importantly, does a child think of themselves as non-creative, as someone who can’t make something, draw something, write something, play dress-up, take a fun photo, think of something new and innovative, contribute in a unique way?  NO!  This is picked up somewhere messed up along the way.  And it’s a lie.
Here’s the deal though, and I’m finding there is something that is greatly misunderstood by people who haven’t let themselves truly explore their creative sides.
A large part of creating — as an adult — is discipline.
I know, I know, I used to despise that word.  But that word is misunderstood.  At its origin, the word means, “to teach.”  It’s not about hammering yourself into a room every day to force some good art.  But it is about sitting in the chair and taking the time to write.  It is about focusing your attention positively so that you don’t give up.  It is about not judging yourself when you do set out to try something new or something takes longer than you want it to.  It is about getting the paints out, signing up for the class, and taking the leap.
It’s about channeling our energies positively, is all.  And letting yourself BE in the process.
The world is really is our playground.

Intention in Feng Shui

You hear this all the time: “Set your intention.” Yoga teachers say it before class, meditation teachers suggest it before meditating, and yes, it’s a big deal in BTB Feng Shui as well.


pexels-photo-65977First, let’s define “intention.” Webster’s says, “an aim” or “a plan.” That’s sort of a lame explanation if you ask me, so I’ll give it a shot.

An intention is where you focus on what you want, even for an instant, knowing that you are moving in that direction.

How’s that?

Therefore, when you dedicate your yoga practice to “gratitude,” you’re stating to yourself that, even if you feel like hell that day, you would like to get more in a place of gratitude.

In meditation, one of my favorite intentions is to state, “My intention is to connect with the Divine.” I’ve found this to be powerful, because in the end, that’s what this whole spiritual gig is all about.

Which brings me to Feng Shui. Professor Lin Yun, who brought Feng Shui to the west in the 1970s, taught the power of intention in a space. He really brought home that many cures in Feng Shui are anchored in intention.


For example, say you have the classic Feng Shui no-no where you walk in the front door of your home and you can see straight through to the back yard because of a large window or a glass door. This represents an energy leak, because all the good that is coming in can escape straight out the back, quickly.  (i.e. Money can seem to be spent quickly, occupants experience lethargy more often, opportunities come and go too quickly)  Therefore, we would put a cure in place in this situation. (No need to knock down walls and reconstruct the whole house, please!)

In this situation, I would suggest the client hang a round-faceted crystal from the ceiling somewhere between the front door and the back, WITH THE INTENTION of dispersing the energy, slowing it down, so it can be better contained and managed. If my clients don’t like crystals, fine, then I suggest maybe a rug, and under that rug, I have them write on a piece of red paper “CURE” or something of the sort. And, ladies and gentlemen, this does the trick!

So, why o why o why do intentions work?

Well, our will is powerful!!! When we set an intention, we are making a wish, or stating a prayer, and then letting the Universe do it’s thing as a result. We are aligning with an outcome, trusting that it will unfold perfectly.


Why red, you ask? In Feng Shui, we work with the elements of Nature and Chinese medicine: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. And we love to use Fire when setting intentions, because think of it, the tiniest spark can set an entire forest to flame. Red is the symbolic color for fire, which is why red is considered a lucky color in Feng Shui — it’s THE intention-setting color. Interestingly, in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and other religions and practices, one often lights a candle when saying a prayer or going into meditation. It’s no accident these rituals show up across cultures!

For a fun exercise, try setting an intention every morning for 9 days, either writing it on a red piece of paper and putting it under your bed, or lighting a candle for 9 days straight.

Then get back to me! I’d love to hear about your experiences!



“Sparks Joy” or “Serves Purpose”?


A new client and I have had a jolly time decluttering, organizing, and moving her into her new home. She has beautiful things that she treasures, and she has a beautiful home, and I must say, she’s a lovely person herself.

Her adult son was coming home, and we bumped up on some of his items (can anyone say, T-shirts?!), and she asked me, “Would you mind going through his things with him?”

“Of course!” I responded.

Then, she offered, “You may want to ask him, ‘Has this served its purpose?’ rather than ‘Does this spark joy?'”

Considering briefly that maybe she knew her son better than I, I said, “Okay, we can try that!”

But it’s been bugging me. Upon reflection, I realized that these are two VERY different questions.

Here’s a story:
When I was decluttering my jewelry, I came upon a necklace that my mother had handed down to me. It’s good quality, not an heirloom or anything, but pretty. But every time I had tried it on, it just did not work. In all honesty, it’s not my style at all. Logically, I may have told myself that this item did not spark joy. But following Marie Kondo’s advice, I held it in my hand, got quiet, checked in, and oddly enough to me, it sparked joy so it stayed.

Months later, I was invited to a 1920s gala. I was planning on buying a costume – I love the 20s. But nothing I shopped for was what I was wanting, so I decided to browse through my own closet. SURE ENOUGH, I had the entire costume, except for the headpiece. I haven’t been to a 1920s party in forever, mind you. And I had never thought of wearing all these various pieces together until this one event! And this was after decluttering like a mad woman over the years.


Looking sassy in my black necklace with life coach and friend, Virginia Bunting!

And sure enough, the necklace was an integral part of the look and got to “serve its purpose” and spark a lot of joy.

So here we go, back to the topic at hand.

Had this necklace served its purpose when I was decluttering? “No.” But that doesn’t mean I should have kept it. After all, think of all the items in your space that have not served its purpose AND NEVER WILL because it was never supposed to be in your space in the first place.

That being said, I know what my sweet client was thinking. Some items are just “tired.” They are complete in your particular household. They have done their job and need to move on.

But trust me, a tired item will not spark joy if you are being honest with yourself. So why change the question?

So, I’ll stick with Marie’s brilliant concept for now. Eliminate confusion on the “purpose thing,” and instead ask every item in your home if it sparks joy (yes or no) so that your space will REFLECT JOY.


PDA in Feng Shui..a.k.a. Post-Declutter Anxiety

anxiety or clarity photoThe other morning, I bumped into a client who had hired me to declutter a few months back, and we had a nice little catch-up over coffee. She’s a thinker and one who likes to observe herself, so I wasn’t surprised when I received a interesting answer to my question, “How’s the house?”

She replied frankly, “It’s good! I’ve really maintained it. And I kept going in the decluttering, especially that one closet in the living area. But I had a few panicky moments too. I mean, strange things. LIke over a book I thought I had gotten rid of. I mean, it was this feeling of real anxiety. I finally had to talk myself down, and come to the terms that if the book was gone, it was gone, and of course, I could replace it. It wasn’t anything…logical.”

“Oh yes, this can happen,” I told her. One client of mine calls it ‘declutter regret.’ I call it ‘PDA.’ Post-Declutter Anxiety.”

“Really? Yeah, it was interesting, I started to freak out about this one book. Like I suddenly couldn’t survive without it. And then, it turned out the book was there all along!”

She also mentioned a T-shirt that she had indeed had let go of, that she suddenly really, really wanted for no reason.

“You know, I was looking for that shirt, and I realized it was as if I wanted to go back to some time that wasn’t exactly positive, but it was like comfort food. And that shirt represented that time. It was weird!”

After some discussion, she admitted: “I wasn’t really in a positive place on those days that this happened. It was as if I was in some negative spiral, and I was looking for reasons to take myself lower, to punish myself for having gotten rid of something that, in the moment, I thought I wanted or needed.”

Decluttering is such an interesting process. And a PROCESS it is.

There’s Step One: the preparation, and by that, I mean the mental preparation. This, most often, shows up as major resistance to the actual act of declutter (i.e. “I don’t have time.” “I shouldn’t have to do this by myself.” “This is way too much work.” “I’m totally overwhelmed by this.” “Does it really matter if it’s cluttered anyway?” etc.). At some point, something clicks,and the person makes the decision: “I have GOT to do this.” The decision moment is key here.

Step Two is the actual decluttering itself. Which can be simultaneously daunting and freeing. A LOT can come up for folks. And then some people are just so ready, they sail right through it. Everyone’s experience is unique to them.

And then, yes, as this client voiced, Step Three of the decluttering process is the aftermath. There is the obvious freedom of owning less stuff and being able to find everything when you need or want it and living more simply and streamlined for sure. And of course, in a practical sense, ya gotta maintain it!

But sometimes there are these moments of fear, Post-Declutter Anxiety (PDA) or “declutter regret.” It’s kind of like “buyer’s remorse, which I looked up on Wikipedia (where you will find some great psycho-babble, if you’re interested).

Then it hit me! One the biggest reasons people don’t declutter in the first place is that they are AFRAID of Post-Declutter Anxiety (PDA). It’s as paralyzing as the fear of buyer’s remorse. In fact, it IS sort of a delayed buyer’s remorse, in that when one declutters, they must face the decisions of what they have purchased in the past AND make new decisions based on these items!

After all, how many times have you cleaned out your closet to find apparel with the tag still on it?

What about all those well-meaning projects you have spent time and money on, promising to get to? These have now become clutter, representing hope turned sour, excitement turned to burden. Guilt.

And of course, there are the items that come in multiples. Too many coolers. Too many rolls of tape. Too many paint brushes, toothpastes, nerf guns, you name it.


Because avoiding it is much, much worse than dealing with it. All the stuff that comes up during the decluttering is already there anyway, lingering on a subconscious and gnawing level.

Would it be fair to say it’s like Stage 4 cancer, that if it were caught earlier, would’ve been a lot easier to “deal with?

Maybe that’s a bit melodramatic of me, but is it?

How many people do you know, overwhelmed in their “stuff,” psychological and otherwise?

A person must start somewhere…and the best place to start is in your own head.

Wrap your mind around how much these items are (secretly) representing to you, and you’ll be 70% there, and the decluttering will go much more smoothly.

In other words, don’t be afraid to let go.


Katie’s 27-day online course, Declutter Your Way to Clarity, is happening soon!  Check it out, and sign up!


“Call In” Your Helpful People with Feng Shui


Burning Man, Nevada. Photographer unknown.

None of us operate in a vacuum. The farmers grow our food. The grocery store folks sell it. We buy it. Someone designs and creates our cars. Someone sells us those cars. We learn through books, and someone writes those books. We offer services, and someone buys those services.

We make up a beautiful network of PEOPLE.

There is a section in the Feng Shui bagua called the Helpful People gua. Other titles for this gua are Travel and Spirit Guides. It’s sort of the “community” gua, and it represents our connection to that which is larger to us, whether it be locally, globally, or beyond.

I have a favorite cure for this section that is crazy-easy but powerful. So whether you are looking for a nanny, a lawyer, a publisher, an agent, a matchmaker, or someone to mow your lawn, this is the cure for you!

Simply write down a description of the Helpful People you’d like to manifest in your life.

It’s best done on red paper and in permanent ink. First light a candle with the intention of allowing the Helpful Person into your life. Get into a feeling place of “it is already done.” If you have a metal container, especially a round one, then place these Helpful People requests in there, happy that these people are coming. Then place the container in the Helpful People section of your home (usually the front right area of your living or work space as you enter).

I encourage you to be general and specific simultaneously. For example, if you are looking for an agent to get a book published, you may write, “My agent is brilliant, kind, and well-connected and superb at her job. He or she believes whole-heartedly in my work and gives perfect advice and insight. He or she is communicative and returns calls quickly and loves her job. We have a wonderful relationship, and he or she has exactly the right knowledge and energy to get the book published and out to its perfect worldwide audience. It is so.”

Have fun with this! And remember, you are worthy of all the helpful people you can conjure up! We are all in this together and win-win situation abound!




Loving Where You Are, Even If You Want to Move

I see it all too often.

Artwork unhung.
A room undefined.
Moving boxes unpacked.
Furniture wayyyy too big for a space…

…all in hopes for the “next move.” When I ask the client about this, the response is along the lines of: “Why put energy into the current place, when surely a move is imminent?”

So many people are dissatisfied with their current living space and are “waiting for the day” for that next, better place. But somehow, that move gets pushed back months, then years.

In essence, then, they are living in limbo. And limbo is not ideal for creating the life you want!

I wrote a blog about my personal experience with this. It happened in my early Feng Shui days. In short, when I first moved to Los Angeles, I landed smack in the middle of the city, and the energy was harsh for this nature-lover. I knew I had to find a place near the beach if I was to “survive” city living. Yet nothing was showing up! It wasn’t until my roommate and I went to work painting and spiffing up our little Miracle Mile apartment, that not one week later, a friend wrote asking if I was interested in a house in Venice, just a 5-minute bike ride from the beach.

Powerful Feng Shui lesson!

Painting your front door is a way of giving your space some extra love!

Painting your front door is a way of giving your space some extra love!


Moral of the story: Be present. Put a little energy into where you are NOW. In fact, accept where you are now!

So, how did this fast manifestation work?
I surrendered. I made peace with the Miracle Mile space, and we put our love into it, so that the energy of the place got higher, and so did we! My energy soared, and the new place appeared like magic.

This is the Law of Attraction at its best. By appreciating where I was, yet still clear on what I wanted (a place at the beach) but not harboring on it (in fact, I let it go entirely, almost forgetting about it), the Universe took care of the rest.

I had a client recently tell me that they had detailed both their cars. Just a few months later, they found themselves with new cars, unexpectedly.

Another client hired me to declutter with her last year. She called me a couple of weeks ago to clear the energy of her NEW HOME.  I was shocked!  She said, “I didn’t realize it at the time, but the decluttering was preparing us for this move.”  Which happened effortlessly, I might add.

Another client is resistant to hanging art work in her current space.  She wants to move, but she is giving herself a hard time . “Why would I move into another space, when I can’t even get this one where I want it?”

I told her that it’s a fine line, that maybe the resistance in putting the energy into the current space is because deep down she knows she needs and wants to move.

Bottom line:  Do SOMETHING to make peace with where you are.  For that one client, her first step is to declutter and straighten up.  While new furniture and artwork is on the agenda, that’s not the next step…just in case that dream home does show up.  If it’s taking too long, then sure enough, we’ll be doing a bit of interior decorating and furniture purchasing to get this place to feel like home!

So look around — are you living in limbo, hoping for the next great thing?  Or are you creating a space that you can at least appreciate and feel good in?  Now is now!




Flower Power in One Client’s Decor

A client called for a tune-up.

It turns out she had just kicked her husband out.

This was not something she had ever done before, and while their relationship had its ups and downs, she was sort of in a state of shock by her own action.

Here’s where the idea to call me came in.  You know what she did next?  She shopped!  Fueled rather than falling into a depression, she decided to channel her heightened energy into updating some spots around the home.

She wanted to make sure that the changes she was making were Feng Shui a-ok.

It was a wonderful session, including a Color Reading to help gain a bit of perspective on where she was on a subconscious level.  It turns out that she is in a place of really being true to herself, tuning into her creative talents and most authentic self-expression.  And yes, it came up that her marriage had a block, surprise, surprise.

So we tweaked her space (over Skype, no doubt!), and I approved of some new items and gave tips and tweaks and commentary for other areas, including Creativity and Self-Knowledge.

Then we got to her bedroom.  She had bought entirely new bedding, one that “sparked joy,” (to reference Marie Kondo), and that brought a Spring-like freshness into the room.

Here’s where it got interesting…and tricky.

This bedding was of peonies!  A gorgeous flower to be sure, and one heralded in traditional Feng Shui as THE flower for love!  So how about that?  Things came to a head with her hubby, and she runs out and buys something for her bedroom that shouts love, love, love!


image1The only problem was this:  This is the perfect flower for a woman when she wants to find a mate…but it’s NOT so great for married couples as it may encourage infidelity!!!

We had a good laugh at the irony of her choosing this particularly controversial bedspread of all the bedspreads in the world.

I then read from Doreen Virtue’s book, Flower Therapy, and we found another meaning for peonies, in that they help heal folks from a distance.

I told my client that I like to play it safe in these type of instances.  She and her husband are by no means talking divorce, but she did need her space for a few days to get her head clear.  So they are in an interesting stage.  She wasn’t too keen on the idea of returning the comforter to the store — after all, she really really loves it!  And it is the flower of LOVE.

So symbolically speaking, why o’ why did this lovely lady bring this in?  Sometimes with a client, it is clear as day what the symbolism is, but in this case, there were several ways to read it and can be a mystery!

Maybe this is her psyche’s way of getting to a purer place with her husband, of claiming her identity as a individual, to spark up a renewed romance with him.  Or maybe it’s her way of claiming her singledom in a stronger way, and a sign for where that marriage is headed.

This is where the Feng Shui consultant steps back, and allows the client to let the information  sink in, so they can decide for themselves.

Who knew dainty, sweet peonies could be so powerful in their symbolism!?


2016: Year of Fire Monkey ~ What to Expect

On February 8th, 2016, the Year of the Fire (Red) Monkey commences.

We are moving away from the Wood Sheep into the more active energy of the Fire Monkey, where we will be inspired to use our ingenuity and intellect to create more fulfilling lives, all while having a good time doing it!

Monkeys relate to mischief, so there is a bit of a warning to be aware of any “monkey business” that may be going on in your life. The Monkey heighten that sort of energy, causing chaos if you’ve been avoiding that aspect!  Much like the Heyoka, or trickster, in Native American lore, the Monkey asks us to take a good look at ourselves. This year we’ll be witnessing where we take ourselves too seriously, and sometimes those lessons can come as a bit of a blow…well, because we are taking ourselves too seriously.   Remember, the trickster’s gift is that we get to pexels-photo-2laugh at ourselves at the end of the day! Monkey reminds us that a life void of play is not much of a life at all. Get ready for some color and fun and liveliness. While last year’s Sheep was a little more slow to act and a bit more responsible, Monkey will remind you that there are plenty of festivities to be had. The flip side of that is that you may spend too much or carry on a bit foolishly, so be sure to find some balance.

The Fire element only fuels Monkey’s antics. Think of a chimp on speed. While this energy can be highly entertaining, it can also be frenetic, so again, temper this year’s energy with discipline (when needed), rest and even retreat, possibly by water in order to douse the Fire when it gets too much.

Of course, harnessing the energy of the Fire Monkey by running with creative ideas and remaining light-hearted on a daily basis could propel you forward in all areas of your life, given that this is a very Yang energy. Monkey encourages us to collaborate and socialize with people with like spirits, in work and outside of work. And while Monkey seems to be all play, they are actually really great at “getting things done,” so don’t let this year’s energy fool you that work will fall by the wayside. The opposite is true. In fact, you may finally have the energy to take some much-desired risks that didn’t feel right up until now.

For the most part, the Year of the Fire Monkey is going to be about people, laughter, and having fun. It will be a high energy year, full of surprises, so my advice is to roll with it, don’t take anything too seriously, let yourself laugh and play, and be wary of anything that seems too good to be true. And, please, schedule in some rest and relaxation to avoid insomnia, burn out, or manic episodes.  There can be too much of a good thing, so be sure to take care of you!

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