This special Declutter Your Way to Clarity eCourse is designed to inspire you to clear out and clean up and make the best of the changing of the seasons!

WHY?   Spring is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, growth and

e x p a n s i o n.  So naturally, we all want to “spring clean,” so that the new season can be as light and joyful and as full of positive chi as possible!   By decluttering and cleaning like crazy, we are saying good-bye to the “sleepiness” of winter so that the springtime can be super-charged!   It’s an awesome time to LET GO!


I want to guide you through this!  



–an email a day for 27 days to help you release the stagnation of the Winter and welcome in the Spring like never before

–assistance in an honest life review — where you have been “stuck” and where you’d like to get energy moving

–a perspective on the change of seasons that will have you tuning into nature in a new way

–“green” tips to help you connect better with the rhythm of the planet as well as your own natural rhythms

–feng shui tips, bonuses, and cures galore to implement and aid you in this process

–journaling exercises to help you move through your “internal clutter”

–clutter-clearing and organizational tips and information to help you let go for good!

–tricks to bring in more prosperity, luck, love, and creativity

–accountability partners to help you stay on track and to share your experiences with

–tips from the great Marie Kondo

–invite to private Facebook group

–FREE Zoom session with Katie for Q&A, midway through the course!

–a brand-spanking new outlook on life!!!



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