It’s tradition to “clean house” prior to Chinese New Year every year!  Join us in this inspired group experience, for 18+ days of letting go of the old…to let the new in with a whooosh and a yeeehaw!

“The Declutter Jamboree” begins January 4, 2023.  Chinese New Year is Jan 22, 2023…let’s make this year the best yet!



  • support and inspiration for 18 super-charged days to help you release the past and welcome in the new like never before
  • 3 FREE LIVE group Zoom sessions with Katie for Q&A.   (Sessions are recorded and will be sent out to your inbox if you can’t make it)
  • short and sweet but powerful videos posted to guide and inspire you!
  • assistance in an honest life review — where you have been “stuck” and where you’d like to get energy moving
  • feng shui tips, bonuses, and cures to implement and aid you in this process
  • journaling exercises to help you move through your “internal clutter”
  • organizational tips and information to help you create a system that works for you!
  • tricks to bring in more prosperity, luck, love, and creativity
  • accountability partners to help you stay on track and to share your experiences with
  • tips from the great Marie Kondo
  • invite to private Facebook group where we will have on-going support and a special interaction session with Katie
  • a brand-spanking new outlook on life!!!


The price is $99 for this amazing experience that is sure to inspire you to let go of the old to bring in the new for 2023!



  • Friday Jan 6 at Noon Central – Kick off with best tips to get you started
  • Tues. Jan 10 at 8pm Central – Personalize Q & A
  • Thurs. Jan 20 at 8pm Central – Accountability and Final Push


  • Wed. Jan 18 at Noon Central – Katie looks at your pictures and advises

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