After Marie Kondo…

Well, surely, you know that I too have watched Tidying Up on Netflix.  And do you know what I am thinking once these noble folks who have gone through the tidying process?  TIME TO FENG SHUI!!!

So you’ve Konmari’d your entire life…now what?

If you’ve really and truly taken the concept of “sparking joy” to heart and gone through your things category by category, then you’re probably basking in a space that feels pretty darn amazing.

architecture-backsplash-cabinets-279648As well you should. Decluttering is powerful work, and it’s big work. So, please, give yourself a thousand pats on the back, and relax, and enjoy. YOU DID IT!

But when you’re ready, I have some “next steps” in line with the ancient art and science of Feng Shui. After all, let’s face it: by following Marie Kondo’s process, you have drunk the cool-aid. “It’s true!” you exclaim. “My place was affecting me so much, and I didn’t even realize it. It’s amazing the difference I feel!”

The ancient Feng Shui masters have been claiming that literally for thousands of years: that our spaces have a direct impact on our lives. And kudos to Marie Kondo for bringing Feng Shui through a back door via tidying up!

Because, from my p.o.v., Feng Shui and decluttering are one in the same. In fact, in my own Feng Shui journey, I came to decluttering because I was obsessed with Feng Shui first. I was quite a slob before studying Feng Shui concepts, and I quickly came to find out that you can’t have good Feng Shui and lots of clutter simultaneously.

In the language of a Feng Shui practitioner, we would say that clutter blocks free-flowing chi (energy), and free-flowing chi allows for harmony and good things in your life.

Unfortunately, there are ten million myths associated with the art and science of Feng Shui, and Marie Kondo even brings that up in her book. I agree that there are schools and aspects of Feng Shui that are confusing and even steeped in mindless superstition.

But Feng Shui, at its heart and root and when properly communicated and executed, is a beautiful and powerful art that comes down to one thing: feeling good in your space. Taking it further, Feng Shui can help you manifest specifically with some easy and fun cures and just a bit of perspective on what your space is saying symbolically.

Here are 3 Feng Shui concepts to consider after (and even during) your Konmari process:

  1. Move your furniture around.  You may have felt a little antsy to move more than just clutter out of your home while you were Konmari-ing. This would only be natural. By freeing up the chi by removing the things that don’t “spark joy,” you’re better able to see your actual furniture in a new light to ask how it’s functioning for you.   In Feng Shui, we like to place living room furniture so that three or more can be seated and have a conversation without having to speak too loudly. Ideally, beds are in the “command” position, so that when you’re sleeping you have some sort of view of the door to the room, even if it’s in your peripheral. Your desk and stove should ideally also be “in command,” and if it’s impossible to move, then strategically placed mirrors can do the trick (even tiny ones work)!
  2. Consider color. Color has a powerful effect! I call paint a “magic wand” for a space because it can change the space almost instantly with relatively little effort. Now that you’ve lifted the space up energetically by decluttering, consider freshening up your walls with new coats of paint. It will make your space feel even more vibrant and clean, and there may be a color that can bring your room together and make things feel more harmonious.arch-architecture-art-277590
  3. Make the outside of your home inviting too. You may have decluttered your drawers and closets, but, as they say, “there’s not a second chance for a first impression.” Your front entrance is what “invites” positive chi (a.k.a. all things good that you could ever want) into your home. Check to see that the outside of your home is up to par, with nice landscaping, clear and visible numbers, working light fixtures, and a clean and happy doormat!

I’m thrilled for you to check out what a little Feng Shui can do for you, especially after having experienced that “life-changing magic of tidying up” (Thanks, Marie Kondo!)

You’ve done the letting go…now it’s time for the letting in.


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