Are Pets Good Feng Shui?

The short answer is YES!

Well, if they are well-loved and taken care of.

And if you have a good vacuum cleaner.  (wink, wink, you know what I mean.)

In the Feng Shui bagua, pets fall under the gua that is titled Creativity/Children/Projects.  That’s because this section has to do with “what we nurture.” 
Anything alive in a space brings chi!  But there is another aspect to the quality of chi:  health.  An animal that is happy and thriving and well-taken care of generates a lot of goodness in a space.  Therefore, if one is to have a pet, it’s important to offer it loving care, and yes, it’s a good idea to have a regular cleaning routine, because along with a pet’s unconditional love, they can make things a little bit…furry.  🙂  
Nurturing a pet can be a way to nurture yourself.  Pets give us a chance to slow down and appreciate.  The benefits of owning a pet are 1000-fold given their “mission” on this planet to demonstrate alignment…and love. 

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