What to Store Under Your Bed


The End.


No, for real.  You really don’t need to have anything under there.  Okay?


Because the bed is super-duper crazy-important in Feng Shui, and you want the best energy possible!  You spend 1/3 of your life in your bed, for Cupid’s sake, so don’t cheat on this!

Freely-circulating chi/energy.  That’s what you want under there.  Translation in this case:  air.  (Okay, okay, and maybe a simple Feng Shui cure from yours truly for those special circumstances.)

Do you know that I’ve found taxes under clients’ beds?  I’m talking big piles of taxes and receipts and unopened mail.  Is that conducive to sleep — or sex, by golly — UH NO it is not!

And tennis rackets and skiis and other sports equipment.  All that active energy!  Yikes.

Your psyche “sees” — or feels, rather — everything!  Don’t think because you forgot that it was under there that it’s not having an effect.  It’s ALL having an effect!

“But what about people that live in NYC in a shoebox apartment and really don’t have storage?”

Okay, okay, there are SOME exceptions to this rule, but trust me, you are probably not the exception unless you truly live in a tiny 400 square foot apartment in NYC!

If that is the case, I do not want to be exclusive to you, and I will offer you this.  If you absolutely positively must store under the bed — and this is after a FULL Marie Kondo “spark joy” treatment of the entire space — then you may store something that has a “quiet” energy, like neatly folded sweaters, or a small suitcase, hopefully towards the foot of the bed.


But the rest of you, I gotta say, if it’s under the bed, it probably shouldn’t be.  Feng Shui-wise, I mean!

THANKS!  And let me know how much better you’re sleeping (or how much more sex you’re getting) once you get that stuff out from under there!

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