Are Spirit Guides Real?

For a while, I was obsessed with the notion that there are invisible helpers floating around us, intervening in our lives for the better.

I mean, when you stand back and think about it, it’s really crazy.  And COOL.

Angels. Totem animals. Deceased loved ones. Ascended Masters. Whaaaa???

 Let me put it this way: When I saw The Sixth Sense, I was sort of mad, because they left the good guys out of the movie! What a missed opportunity!

Because I have trouble taking anything at face value, in my early 20s, I embarked on my own quest to discover the truth or nonsense of these phantom-like beings.

After all, if you look at the bagua, the Helpful People section is also known as the Travel AND Angels and Spirit Guides section. So I figured I better know a little something about them, not only for myself, but so I could know what I was talking about for clients. (But if I was being really honest, at that time, it was mostly for myself because, COME ON, so cool and crazy.)

What I have discovered is YES, there is an entire unseen world out there.

And YES, they are helping us (or at least trying to) as much as we will let them!

And YES, they’re cool and awesome and, well, extremely helpful…to say the least?!

I’d like to give you the “in a nutshell” lesson on how to find out more about your own spirit guides.

Ready? Here you go:

Be open to it.

How to do that?

  1. Meditate on a regular basis. (I do 15 minutes every morning. Meditation is not necessary to connect with them, but I highly recommend it because it helps you get in a receptive space to tune into them.)
  2. Acknowledge them every day. You can do this in your own way. “Yo, Angels!” or “Dear Angels, I’d like to get to know you better. Will you please give me signs of your existence (i.e. your knowledge, your presence, who you are, what you are?)” or “Help!”
  3. Get yourself in a good feeling place. Trust what you are receiving. Connecting with angels can come in many forms:   a) “signs” from the Universe, b) feelings and hunches and sensations, such as chills or an unexpected breeze, c) images in your mind that may feel like imagination, d) words that may feel like your imagination, d) strong feelings of knowing, and e) other ways I may not know about.

Once you learn to “trust” your impressions of your spirit guides, you will be able to go deeper and ask more specific questions. This is mostly play. If you try too hard, you’re gonna miss.

If the above even sounds too serious, try asking them for parking places. Try asking them for green lights. Try asking them for ease and flow. Try asking them to help you pick out the best restaurant for a fun evening out. Try asking them for something – ANYTHING – especially if it feels like “not a big deal.”

That will get you to trusting in their presence, so when you have the “big deal” questions, you’ll be more receptive!

BOTTOM LINE HERE: There is non-physical energy focusing specifically on YOU, and is GREATLY tremendously interested in YOUR WELL-BEING. This is really, really, really good news. Know it. Lean on them. And watch your life jump a few notches up in the awesome category.


**For more on this, I’ll be teaching a workshop on August 3, 2019 at Birmingham Yoga studio in Birmingham, AL. I’d love to have you there!





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