Plants in a Space — Real vs. Fake

Did you know that real estate agents, when staging a home, are actually doing a little Feng Shui in there to raise the vibration, and “up the feel,” so that the home is more desirable to buyers?

I even heard of real estate who did zero staging to an empty house except one thing — she put a nice plant in the corner of each room!

It’s no wonder plants make a difference in a space.  From a “chi” perspective (the Chinese word for “energy”), since plants are alive, they do bring a lot of fresh, good chi into a space.


  • positive, life-giving chi/energy
  • provide oxygen
  • clean the air
  • green is lovely
  • bring in the Wood element, representing growth, expansion, and forward movement
  • pretty
  • recall a connection to nature…and that feels good

NOTE: Some plants that bode better in a space than others.  You’ll want the plants to be healthy, well-maintained (watered, dead-headed, potted in the appropriate size pots, etc.), and exude friendliness.  (This eliminated pokey, spiky, and pointy plants in most cases — sorry, Cacti-lovers!)

All of this begs the question:  what about fake plants?

Well, obviously because they aren’t alive and they aren’t emitting oxygen, a live plant would (most of the time) be more ideal, chi-wise.  However, that doesn’t mean that fake plants don’t have their place!  Maintenance of live plants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and fake plants these days are looking more and more real!

I say YES, in SOME CASES to fake plants.  If your fake plants give the illusion of “life-giving, happy, and fresh,” then they are Feng Shui approved!  But if your fake plants are looking tired, cheap, dusty, or just plain ugly, please get rid of them.

West Elm; fake plants

West Elm store in Birmingham, AL knows the power of plants — even if they’re fake! photo credit: Emily Cone Creative

Check out this array from West Elm —  no one can deny the liveliness of these!

So, for all you Non-green-thumbs, there is hope for you to have some green in your space yet!  Get creative and make sure to wipe the dust from them every once in a while, and see how some plant life can add so much to your home or office!

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