Year of the Metal Rat ~ Predictions


Every year at New Year’s, I do a meditation for what we can expect for the upcoming year in regards to the element and animal ascribed to it, according to Chinese lore.  This is in tradition with Feng Shui, and it’s a fun way to channel your energies and set intentions for the year to come.

2020 is the Year of the Rat.  It begins on January 25th,  the “lunar” new year.

Rats are controversial creatures, no doubt.  But they are survivors.  Clever in their own right, Rats do not play the fool.

They scurry, they burrow, and they are active in the dark of night.

They protect their young.

They are resourceful.

Oh, and did I say that they were clever?

Add the element of Metal, which brings to mind the word, “sharp,” and you can expect some brilliant ideas to surface in 2020.

2020 brings innovativeness and from that innovativeness, fortune.

Who can forget the animated version of Charlotte’s Web, and that scrappy rat, Templeton, when he discovers the county fair?  He’s literally rolling in his loot, more food and fun than he could ever imagine.   You too will be rolling in the dough, my friends, if and only if you heed those ideas that the Metal Rat so quietly whispers into the dark corners of your mind.

More on Metal:  While Fire brings action and sociability; Earth brings comfort and groundedness; Water brings introspection and adaptability; and Wood brings growth and expansion; Metal brings refinement, clarity, and again, resourcefulness.

As I write, I’m getting more and more excited about the Year of the Metal Rat!

Because, again:  RATS DON’T PLAY THE FOOL.  Make the Rat a Metal Rat, and you’ve got a sword-wielding, beady-yet-clear-eyed Mighty Mouse who will shred to pieces Doubt, Confusion, Nonsense, and Noise from our lives…….if given the respect it deserves.

As far as numerology goes, traditionally 2020 would be a 4 year, which brings a sense of stability (think: a table with four legs and the solidness of a square or rectangle).

Yet, the number 2020 is special.  We can’t ignore the symbolism of “clear sightedness” shouted out by this number.  Ahhh, clarity.  I like to say that one of my most favorite and powerful prayers is to ask for clarity.  With clarity, the path is lit, the way is open, and there is a KNOWING.

So set your sights in 2020.

And although this year looks promising with it’s zero BS and it’s wide open eyes, there is something you need to be aware of ~ there is an aspect of allowing these energies to take place in your life.   The Rat is too smart.  His won’t waste his gifts on those who would squander them.  He knows that too many of us would rather walk around half-blind, or settle for the noise and nonsense rather than put our intent on something more worthwhile, than heed the calling of what he has to offer — a more fulfilling, rich path that again, takes no fools.

Stay tuned on more write-ups on how best to welcome the Metal Rat.  To begin, of course, I will remind you to take the days up until January 25th to declutter, declutter, declutter.  If there was ever a year to declutter, it would be the one of the Metal Rat.  I mean that.  

Again, rats take no fools…and neither should you, especially if YOU are the one fooling YOURSELF.  Decluttering and Feng Shui can truly help you access the positive energies of 2020, so I hope to see more of you this year!

Cheers and chi and blessings galore,


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  • Micki Brown

    Quite motivating, Katie! Thank you!!!

    • Katie Rogers

      glad you liked!!! Thanks for reading.

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