“Predictions” for the Year of the Metal Ox, 2021

The “Western” New Year is here, which means that Chinese New Year is around the corner.  Remember, the Chinese New Year is aligned with the lunar calendar, and therefore falls on a different day each year.

In the 2021, on February 12th, we will enter the Year of the Metal Ox (leaving that tricky Metal Rat behind!)


To prepare for that date, it’s tradition to “clear out the old” by decluttering and cleaning PRIOR to Chinese New Year’s Day, so that when that day arrives, you’re fresh and ready to welcome in the new energy.  This is a powerful yearly ritual that I do every year myself, so I encourage you to do so.

Also every year, I meditate and receive guidance on what the new year will bring, focusing on the animal that represents those energies.

Here is what I received for the Year of the Metal Ox:

The first image that came to mind when focusing on the energies around the dawning of the Year of the Metal Ox was a huge metal ox in a complete rage, much like the bulls you see in the matador rings.  It was furious, huge, powerful, and bucking wildly.  There were several people, who looked tiny in comparison, trying to manage him, but he attacked and tossed them like pieces of paper, totally out of control.

This angry metal ox represents the pent up energy that 2020 is leaving with so many of us on a collective level.  (And no wonder, with the stress of the pandemic, the election, and isolation!)

A goddess-like maiden then appears, coming forth to calm this masculine, explosive energy.  She sings a lullaby and soothes the beast.  She then sits quietly with this gigantic metal ox.  There is a stillness now.  Rest.  This represents sitting with difficult emotions.  The metal ox has gone within, eyes closed, breathing powerfully but calmly, and there is a feeling of peace, thanks to this maiden’s gentleness.

Just then, a new world springs forth around the ox — flowers, he’s in a field, and we are reminded of that gentle bull, Ferdinand, from the famous children’s story.  Some birds have taken up homes in the cracks of his armor, filling them with straw for their nests.  The ox smells the air with pleasure, takes in the beauty of the scenery — simple nature.

He looks over and sees an old wooden cart, still sturdy and functional, and it reminds him of the joy of simple labors, being of use in the world, and providing.  He remembers what it like to use his natural strength to help the world around him grow (by plowing the fields).  He thinks of that slow, steady labor, and how, although it’s easy for him, it’s tremendously helpful to others.  He considers the routine and the basic joys of seemingly small contributions.  In fact, his strength had helped the farmer feed an entire village.

The plowing field has grown up now into great abundance, with a healthy variety of crops.  There is a celebration — the townsfolk have come in to be glad for the harvest.

The ox looks on, quietly proud of his part to help create this joyous gathering.

***The message here is what may look like dull work could reap great abundance and the joys of that abundance.  The message is to “be satisfied with satisfaction” without reaching too much forcefully, because with that energy, joy and abundance will “spring up.”

The Metal aspect of this year is represented by what appeared to armor on this Ox.  Beneath the harsh and even intimidating exterior, the Ox is still a being of light, a “child of God.”  Do not fear what seems abrasive and harsh this year — there are blessings in every situation.  Focus on those blessings to bring them forth more often.

This year is about Stillness.  While the Ox may seem to represent masculine drive and strength, it’s not until the gentle feminine spirit is allowed in that the “upset” energy can manifest into something whole and balanced and beautiful.  What was out of control and dangerous, when approached with grace, can become a symbol of Gentle Power and a Bringer of Abundance.

Again, be satisfied with feeling satisfied.  (Abraham-Hicks talks about this!)  Don’t push against or struggle, but rather get in a more relaxed state more often, to ALLOW.  Transformation and great abundance can occur but only when stillness is accomplished.

— To end the story above, it should be noted that when the great Metal Ox is at the end of his life cycle and dying, the children of the village cry and go to his huge body, putting their hands on him to say their good-byes.  He was so beloved as the gentle giant that he is.  The sadness of the children doesn’t last long however, because, as his spirit departs his heavy metal body, they quickly realize that his the Ox is still alive, in the wind-blown seeds of the dandelions and in the rustling of the leaves of the trees….free.

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