Predictions! Year of the Wood Dragon

The Year of the Wood Dragon is upon us.  Every year, I do a meditation and tap into the messages to see what’s in store and what the new energies of the year are bringing.

Here are my “predicitions” for 2024, Year of the Wood Dragon, which begins on Feb 10:

The first impression I received was liveliness and laughter.  The Wood Dragon carries a lot of JOY.  Despite how Western culture tends to depict dragons — as something that needs to be slayed and destroyed — this 2024 Dragon pierces through the clouds with color and ease.  He/she brings LUCK and and blessings and a lighter spirit than we’ve seen in a long time.

Expect more comedies, lighter storylines in books and movies, happier music, and brighter art!

This Dragon reminds us not to take life so seriously — and reminds us of the power of perspective.  Think: a “dragon’s eye view” as she floats above the world, getting the “bigger picture.”

Dragons sometimes get a bad reputation due to their size and power.  People who aren’t comfortable in their own true empowerment, (I.e. who use manipulation, bullying, and other tactics to overpower rather than relying on alignment and connection to Source/Great Spirit/Inner Being) will try to bring the joyful and playful and powerful Dragon down.  But the Dragon only laughs!  He or she can easily dodge those pitiful attacks.  There is quite literally nothing the folks who are out of alignment can do in face of the Dragon!

This message reminds me of the scene early in the Wizard of Oz, where the wicked witch flies in and confronts and threatens Glenda in Munchkinland.  Glenda basically laughs and says, “You silly witch, you know you have no power here.”

This year, 2024 ~ Year of the Wood Dragon ~ is a reminder that being powerful doesn’t equate to conquering and terrorizing or even overcoming.  Being in true power means being at peace with yourself and KNOWING that you are powerful in the way that we are all equipped with amazing inner guidance and wisdom — and if we befriend ourself in that way, nothing can threaten us and bring us down.

This is the year to Have Fun.  Take up dancing or juggling or snow skiing.  Do something different to keep yourself young and keep perspective that life is meant to be ENJOYED.

In 2024, the younger generations will also have their day in the sun.  The Wood Dragon adores the spirit of Youth, and we will see many young people “taking the microphone” and busting up any old cultural beliefs that are not serving the collective good.  So take heed if you’re not a fan of generational change — it’s coming.

It’s going to be an exciting — and again — vibrant year.

Remember, the Dragon’s message is:  the best way to disarm an enemy is not to engage in their game.  Laugh instead.  Rise above, and if someone won’t give up the fight, the dragon reminds you that, when you’re confident in your own strength, a smart swish of the tail is all it will take.

Summary:  The Wood Dragon wants to take us on an exhilarating ride!  If you cling too tightly or haven’t faced your fears, the ride could be a little intense or uncomfortable.  However, if you go into this year with curiosity, a playful spirit, and knowing that you’re safe, strong, and powerful, the Wood Dragon promises a year of fun and delight.  Stay open-minded, take care of your bodies with fresh foods and plenty of exercise, and keep your spirit light this year for best results.

The Wood Dragon can bring you all sorts of luck and blessings, but you’ve gotta be RECEPTIVE to it, and the best way to do that is to tap into your own youthful spirit.  It’s beckoning!

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