A Feng Shui Cure for Harmonious Family Relationships

With the holidays upon us, we could all use any help we can get to ensure harmonious relations between family members, right?  Here’s a little fun Feng Shui tip that will infuse those relationships with an extra dose of positive energy.


P.S. These beautiful Southern ladies (born and raised in Alabama) are my two great-aunts and my grandmother (on the right), taken some years back.  This area of the bagua is more about your Family Heritage rather than the one you are creating (there is a Children section as well), so keep that in mind.  Photos of ANYONE in your Family work wonderfully!

GrandmamaIf you’d like for me to check out your floor plan and create the bagua map for you, email me!  It’s a great tool for all the Feng Shui cures you are receiving.


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