How Furniture Is More Than Just Furniture in Feng Shui

People come to me, not to just improve the look and feel of their homes, but with their life issues.  It’s my job to find “clues” around their homes and offices that could possibly be symbolic blocks to the lives they are desiring.

Furniture is a key component to promoting Feng Shui in a space, but the ways it is affecting you may surprise you.

Think about it:  If someone wanted to find a romantic partner, and they were sleeping in a  single bed, wouldn’t that be a powerful signal to the Universe that there wasn’t room for that special someone?

When someone wants better connection to their community, but their living room furniture is set up so that it really is comfortable only for one or two people, that too can be sending the message out of: I want to be alone!

Sometimes, it’s a simple shift in the layout of the furniture, but in some cases, a client may need to make new purchases.

Here, we are back with Stephen Fletcher, owner of The Yoga Circle in Birmingham, Alabama, and we discuss how his choice for improved shelving actually helps promote business!


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