Is Music a Feng Shui Cure?

I recently had a client with too big of a living room. The chi was getting a little “swallowed up,” so to speak, sort of fizzling out because it spread out so much in such a large area. On the floor plan, this room happens to be in the center of the home, and it was becoming more of a walkthrough than a place where the family of four finds themselves gathering. The room itself is lovely, but I needed to figure out what may have been blocking them from coming in here more often.

I had my mental Feng Shpexels-photo-109123ui checklist ready:

Furniture Arrangement: Check. The furniture was arranged so that three or more people could sit comfortably, which is known to draw people in, so that wasn’t the issue.

Clutter: Check. There was no clutter, just lovely sitting areas and bookshelves and even a meditation space, so that wasn’t the problem.

Overhead: Needs cure. There were some beams, but they are pretty high. I suggested some cures for those anyway, because beams can have an oppressive feel sometimes if not addressed.

Lighting: Needs cure. The lighting could be a little better, so we decided on possibly a few floors lamps.

But the best cure came from my dear client herself.

“What if I had music playing in the space?” she asked me. The home has a great sound system throughout and she and her husband both love music, especially with a spiritual, uplifting vibe.

“Perfect!” I said.

Yes, music can be a cure. Remember, Feng Shui deals with energy (chi). Energy is vibration. And music is literally sound vibration.

Having uplifiting music playing — with the intention of uplifting the space — was the perfect solution! I love when clients get inspired and nail it!

Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, she told me the room feels amazing, like a different place, that the music was a key missing element.

So turn up those tunes if you feel like your space needs a little shift. Remember, music has different vibrations so take care to play inspiring and uplifting artists!

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