Are Pets Good Feng Shui?

The short answer is YES!

Well, if they are well-loved and taken care of.

And if you have a good vacuum cleaner.  (wink, wink, you know what I mean.)

In the Feng Shui bagua, pets fall under the gua that is titled Creativity/Children/Projects.  That’s because this section has to do with “what we nurture.” 
Anything alive in a space brings chi!  But there is another aspect to the quality of chi:  health.  An animal that is happy and thriving and well-taken care of generates a lot of goodness in a space.  Therefore, if one is to have a pet, it’s important to offer it loving care, and yes, it’s a good idea to have a regular cleaning routine, because along with a pet’s unconditional love, they can make things a little bit…furry.  🙂  
Nurturing a pet can be a way to nurture yourself.  Pets give us a chance to slow down and appreciate.  The benefits of owning a pet are 1000-fold given their “mission” on this planet to demonstrate alignment…and love. 

The Creative Spark

We are currently discussing the Creativity/Children/Projects section of the bagua in the Feng Shui Odyssey, where we’ve stumbled upon the notion that creativity is “presence” and “play,” at the heart of it.   Creativity is not limited to writing or painting or acting or singing.  Tapping into your creativity is quite simply a way to make life more fun!
i.e. I can put together an edible meal and have it on the dinner table to keep us fed, but it’s those moments where I’m actually enjoying myself and present in the process of making a meal, where I can say that my cooking becomes “creative” — and much, much, much better-tasting-and-looking, and fun and yummy, I might add!
In Feng Shui, the right center section of the home or office (when facing in while standing at the front door) is the Creativity gua.  Symbols for the gua include anything that represents playfulness or children.  Rainbows are great too!  I also love kids’ colorful handprints in this gua because hands symbolize the creative process in humans.  We do so much with our hands!   Bonus points for a photo of yourself as a child, maybe doing something you love, set there with the intention of honoring and listening to your Inner Child.
For Creativity, also consider: Is there a part of your home that invites a bit of a happy mess?  Is there a place where you can feel child-like and relaxed and still safe?  Or is your home a little too perfect, a little too strict or sterile?
The creative process is fluid, playful, and without bounds.  A masterpiece may be the end result (or not), but it’s the Enjoyment of the Making that really defines creativity.

Feng Shui School OPEN!

Wind Horse School of Feng Shui

I’m thrilled to announce that the doors to the Wind Horse School of Feng Shui are officially open!  If you are considering Feng Shui as a career, or looking to go deeper in your personal practice, I hope you will consider this remarkable program.

For more information and to apply or register for a Discovery Call, see the Get Certified page here on the Katie Rogers Feng Shui site.



Why Is Decluttering Hard?

Spring is in the air, and it’s the time where a lot of people feel a natural inclination to clear some things out after winter’s slow-moving “hibernation” period.  Freshening up this time of year is a great idea, because all that indoor time can create stagnant chi in the home — and no one wants that!

So, open those windows, beat out those rugs, sweep the patios!  Get rid of those clothes that aren’t “sparking joy” and tackle the garage!  Go through the kids’ artwork and straighten up that linen closet.

Oooof.   If it were only that easy, right?!

Here are 5 reasons why you may be feeling stuck or down or even incompetent when it comes to decluttering.  Hopefully these tips will help you be easier on yourself about not having that Pinterest-worthy closet (those rarely stay like that) and give you a dose of inspiration for moving forward!

  1. Getting started. Sometimes folks just don’t know where to start.  Just making the decision to declutter can sometimes be where folks get stuck!  This is okay!  You’re about to embark on a power-giving endeavor, and your psyche knows this and may not want anything to do with you getting “empowered.”  Plus the “heavier” energy of the clutter makes it harder to get going, but now that you know this, you can tackle it accordingly.  Also, I love Marie Kondo for her smart idea for working in categories. She’s brilliant when she says:  “Start with your own clothes!”  Once clothes are done, move to books, then to papers, and so on.
  2. Time.  Yep, decluttering takes time.  I’m not gonna sugarcoat that one.  Sometimes, depending on the current state of your home, it takes A LOT of time.  You say you don’t have time, I know I know, life is so darn busy.  But guess what! The irony about the “time” excuse is that having a cluttered home is the BIGGEST time-suck I know of.  Imagine knowing where everything is and not having to look for it.  Imagine your daily cleaning happening ten times faster because you have less stuff to clean and organize.  Imagine having more clarity and decision-making power in all your endeavors…because you’ve chosen clarity and made wise decisions about the stuff in your home.  Look:  it’s a rare soul who really WANTS to declutter — what they are wanting is the result!  And if they are excited about decluttering, it is ONLY because they know how good it’s going to feel once they make some headway.
  3. Not having decision-making power.  This is another reason I like one’s own clothes for a starting point.  Usually, one doesn’t have to check in with a spouse or mother-in-law for permission on those.  But move into other categories, and wow!  I’ve had clients have a list of folks they need to check in with on items before committing to donating them — even if they’ve lived with those items for over 20 years!  It’s one thing to honor the family’s wishes, it’s another to get blocked on doing a huge, kind thing for yourself (making your home better!) by using these folks as an excuse for not moving forward.  Take back your power.  If it’s in your living space, claim it as yours or give the others who are most likely on the fence about it anyway a clearly-communicated deadline in picking it up — and stick to the deadline.
  4. Not knowing what to do with the stuff. I see it all too much.  Clients do the hard work of sorting and figuring out what to keep and what to let go…to have garbage bags cluttering up their hallways or garages for weeks on end because they haven’t figured out where to take them!  I’m a big fan of donating over landfills or delegating specific items to specific folks (that’s a lot of work and who knows if they really want it?!
  5. Poverty (or other unhealthy) mindsets + painful memories.  When you declutter, you not only come face-to-face with your stuff — but with yourself.  Believe it or not, every item in your house holds some sort of “story” or another and could represent things in your life that you’ve avoided dealing with.  Furthermore, you may be holding on to stuff with an underlying fear that you may not be able to “replace it” or get something as “nice” (even if you don’t like it in the first place!). I would say this is the #1 reason people have a hard time decluttering — because having a look at how we have been living may bring up some painful memories.  But trust me when I say: if you look at it, make an informed decision about it, and are bold enough to “let it go,” you are making energetic space for the new in better, not only in your home, but in your life!  Decluttering is a way of processing your past so that you can move forward more easily.  It’s POWERFUL, and well, sometimes, we aren’t ready for a powerful shift, and so we will find every excuse on the planet not to let go of those things we are holding on to.

I hope reading this has helped you see that it’s okay that decluttering is hard — because it is hard sometimes!  But the benefits are exponential.  If you can look at the “tidying up” process, as Marie Kondo so wisely calls it, as a way of connecting with yourself, as a way of honoring and respecting yourself, as a way of saying YES to a better life on the horizon, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish and how good it will feel.

For more on this and to get going with daily tips and an accountability group, consider joining the Declutter Your Way to Clarity eCourse offered on this website under Classes. Katie also highly recommends Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


Why Wind Horse?

I’ve loved horses my entire life.  I was basically one of those little girls who was obsessed with horses, reading Black Beauty and the Black Stallion, watching National Velvet, collecting the figurines, and wishing for a horse when blowing out my candles every birthday.  I had my first riding lesson when I was 7, and I can still remember the day.  I was in heaven.

When I got certified in Feng Shui, Sharon Stasney (my teacher) taught us about the mythology of the Wind Horse which is an integral part of the Buddhist Tibetan tradition.

Plainly said, the Wind Horse means luck.

You’ve probably seen pictures of the prayer flags that Tibet is famous for.  Chances are there is an image of the Wind Horse on it.

In Tibet, they say, when one’s “wind horse is running,” it means that they are feeling lucky.

Horses have a major symbolism in the west too.  Think about it: they have changed the course of human history as far as being a mode of transportation and labor for farmers.  In Native American animal medicine, horses stand for “freedom” and “power.”  Sounds like luck to me!

The gua for Money and Wealth is also called Opportunity.  Opportunity could be considered “luck.”   This gua is associated with trigram “Sun” which means “Wind,” as derived from the ancient Eastern book of wisdom, the I Ching.

We use language like “run like the wind” or “the winds of fortune” for a reason.  There is force there.  Chi.  Power.

Sharon explained why running horses are such a lovely symbol for the Money area of the bagua.  She said that we all have opportunities come our way.  Imagine standing in a field and a horse is galloping up — this is the Wind Horse, and she represents the opportunities that will take us forward, fast and with confidence.  Are we ready for her?  Will we grab onto her mane?  Or will we let her pass us by?

The Wind Horse School of Feng Shui officially opens this March 2021.  I’m honored to now be a teacher, certifying others in this amazing art and science that I’ve studied for over 22 years now.

(Applications now are now being accepted.  Enrollment is limited so be sure to fill it out today. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.)


“Predictions” for the Year of the Metal Ox, 2021

The “Western” New Year is here, which means that Chinese New Year is around the corner.  Remember, the Chinese New Year is aligned with the lunar calendar, and therefore falls on a different day each year.

In the 2021, on February 12th, we will enter the Year of the Metal Ox (leaving that tricky Metal Rat behind!)


To prepare for that date, it’s tradition to “clear out the old” by decluttering and cleaning PRIOR to Chinese New Year’s Day, so that when that day arrives, you’re fresh and ready to welcome in the new energy.  This is a powerful yearly ritual that I do every year myself, so I encourage you to do so.

Also every year, I meditate and receive guidance on what the new year will bring, focusing on the animal that represents those energies.

Here is what I received for the Year of the Metal Ox:

The first image that came to mind when focusing on the energies around the dawning of the Year of the Metal Ox was a huge metal ox in a complete rage, much like the bulls you see in the matador rings.  It was furious, huge, powerful, and bucking wildly.  There were several people, who looked tiny in comparison, trying to manage him, but he attacked and tossed them like pieces of paper, totally out of control.

This angry metal ox represents the pent up energy that 2020 is leaving with so many of us on a collective level.  (And no wonder, with the stress of the pandemic, the election, and isolation!)

A goddess-like maiden then appears, coming forth to calm this masculine, explosive energy.  She sings a lullaby and soothes the beast.  She then sits quietly with this gigantic metal ox.  There is a stillness now.  Rest.  This represents sitting with difficult emotions.  The metal ox has gone within, eyes closed, breathing powerfully but calmly, and there is a feeling of peace, thanks to this maiden’s gentleness.

Just then, a new world springs forth around the ox — flowers, he’s in a field, and we are reminded of that gentle bull, Ferdinand, from the famous children’s story.  Some birds have taken up homes in the cracks of his armor, filling them with straw for their nests.  The ox smells the air with pleasure, takes in the beauty of the scenery — simple nature.

He looks over and sees an old wooden cart, still sturdy and functional, and it reminds him of the joy of simple labors, being of use in the world, and providing.  He remembers what it like to use his natural strength to help the world around him grow (by plowing the fields).  He thinks of that slow, steady labor, and how, although it’s easy for him, it’s tremendously helpful to others.  He considers the routine and the basic joys of seemingly small contributions.  In fact, his strength had helped the farmer feed an entire village.

The plowing field has grown up now into great abundance, with a healthy variety of crops.  There is a celebration — the townsfolk have come in to be glad for the harvest.

The ox looks on, quietly proud of his part to help create this joyous gathering.

***The message here is what may look like dull work could reap great abundance and the joys of that abundance.  The message is to “be satisfied with satisfaction” without reaching too much forcefully, because with that energy, joy and abundance will “spring up.”

The Metal aspect of this year is represented by what appeared to armor on this Ox.  Beneath the harsh and even intimidating exterior, the Ox is still a being of light, a “child of God.”  Do not fear what seems abrasive and harsh this year — there are blessings in every situation.  Focus on those blessings to bring them forth more often.

This year is about Stillness.  While the Ox may seem to represent masculine drive and strength, it’s not until the gentle feminine spirit is allowed in that the “upset” energy can manifest into something whole and balanced and beautiful.  What was out of control and dangerous, when approached with grace, can become a symbol of Gentle Power and a Bringer of Abundance.

Again, be satisfied with feeling satisfied.  (Abraham-Hicks talks about this!)  Don’t push against or struggle, but rather get in a more relaxed state more often, to ALLOW.  Transformation and great abundance can occur but only when stillness is accomplished.

— To end the story above, it should be noted that when the great Metal Ox is at the end of his life cycle and dying, the children of the village cry and go to his huge body, putting their hands on him to say their good-byes.  He was so beloved as the gentle giant that he is.  The sadness of the children doesn’t last long however, because, as his spirit departs his heavy metal body, they quickly realize that his the Ox is still alive, in the wind-blown seeds of the dandelions and in the rustling of the leaves of the trees….free.


Top Five Tips for Home Improvement during COVID

If you’re like most everyone on the planet, the year 2020 has given you a slightly different relationship with your space!
It’s either working or not working for you and those who live there at this point!
Whether it’s updating your outdoor seating or creating a work space for you that actually works, COVID-19 has made us all take a fresh look at our homes.
Enter: Feng Shui
It’s functional. 
Sure Pinterest may be full of pretty interiors that make you want to buy stock in West Elm, but if the home isn’t functional, it ain’t “shui.”
So how can you keep your home lovely YET PRACTICAL for today’s times?  After all, we are all spending more time than ever in our homes.  Don’t we owe it to ourselves to make sure it’s a nurturing environment for our physical and mental health?
Here are my Top Five Home Improvement Tips for COVID:
1. I think the most important tip is this:  You know that thing you can’t stand that you’ve been living with for way too long?    That One (Big) Thing That’s Been Driving You Nuts Needs to Go  Whether you’ve been living with a poor choice of paint colors or some drapes that were too long and not the right style (hand raise here!), it’s time for it to go.  One client had been sleeping on a bad mattress for years!  With my encouragement (and a great deal), she bought a new one, and she says it’s making a huge difference.  Another friend decided to move out her apartment that she had lived in for twenty years — she’s never felt so free.  (And she found mold upon leaving! — she’s finally at the root of some strange physical issues she’s had off and on for years!)
2.  Outdoor Upgrade.  Always wanted a hot tub in the back yard?  Had your eye on a fire pit?  Need a sofa and chair arrangement that is actually comfortable and low maintenance?  I think we can all agree that isolation — while nice for a little while because it had us all unplugged a bit — is not that great for our mental health.  Having somewhere outside to have people over — yes, even when it’s cold — is going to get us through the winter.  So, invest.  Then you won’t be tempted to risk spreading COVID by having people indoors.  Gloves, boots, a hat, a nice fire, and hot chocolate (spiked or not) sounds just about right to me!
3.  Clean Consistently.  I admit, I don’t love cleaning.  There are a million other things I’d rather do.  And I’d rather have someone else doing it for me.  But we are home so often, that we found ourselves needing a new system.  I think this woman has it figured out.  Whether you have a family or not, having this simple popsicle stick “chore” system (I labeled sticks by the day!) keeps everyone on top of tasks without the nagging.  It really does work!  But it’s important to our health, especially with that nasty old coronavirus floating around.  Oh, and the little self-reward system actually feels a bit decadent — like a happy little pat yourself on the back for doing the things that you kind of have to do!
4.  Be Honest With Yourself on What’s Not Working — and let a solution arise!  So many of us tolerate, tolerate, tolerate — when the TV is on, a parent can’t concentrate on work because there is no door; a kid has to find room at the dining room table every night and be pushed off for dinner, making sitting down at the computer a huge chore; the dog door is broken; the plumbing is a mess.
This is no way too live.  When you jump through hoops in your own home, it represents having situations that aren’t easy in your life.  Don’t you want to be able to kick back and enjoy your space? And your life?!
If you can’t figure out how to make it work, no worries!  Call your local or virtual (haha!) Feng Shui consultant or ask a friend who is savvy with space.  It’s worth it to get another set of eyes and to figure it out.  It may be a much easier solution than you’re realizing.
5.  Declutter.  If I didn’t put it on this list, I would not be a good Feng Shui consultant, now would I?  I know I’m a broken record on this, but IT IS HUGE in creating a space that is functional and that FEELS GOOD!  Ask me about my Declutter Accountability Programs or sign up for my COVID Declutter Your Way to Clarity eCourse.  Marie Kondo was right when she said that tidying up was life-changing magic.  Start today, and you’ll be reaping the benefits immediately!

Is Karma a Lie?

The answer is “yes,” the concept of karma is a lie.  A.k.a., false, hooey, nonsense, not real, not happening.

I know, I know, if you’ve been delving into spirituality at all, you’ve come across the notion of “karma” in certain circles who readily accept it.

In truth, “karma” has become a household word.

But it’s not what’s going on.

Here’s what Wikipedia says on it:
“Karma (car-ma) is a word meaning the result of a person’s actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. According to the theory of Karma, what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions. It is an important part of many religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

In terms of spiritual development, Karma is about all that a person has done, is doing and will do. Karma is not about punishment or reward. It makes a person responsible for their own life, and how they treat other people.”

While there is some nice sentiment on how to live within that definition, and while some of you may claim, “But Katie, I’ve seen karma at work! I’ve witnessed it!” I can tell you that it’s actually the Law of Attraction that you’ve witnessed! The concept of karma falls short when you learn about this other “Law,” that I’ve found to be foolproof.

For more on the topic, listen to what Abraham-Hicks says about it. Then keep an open mind! Minds are meant to be challenged and changed.

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Top Five Interior Decorating Tips

Alongside with decluttering and “straight-up Feng Shui,” for a space to really find its potential, interior decorating usually needs to come in to play.

It’s a great honor (and a lot of fun) to help clients bring out their personal expression in their space (sofas! pillows! artwork! rugs! tiles! countertops! oh my!) so they can truly enjoy it.

In the spirit of guiding and inspiring you to make changes in your home or office, here are my


  1. Defining the room. I like to have a somewhat lengthy discussions on how the client sees the room functioning. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as dining or watching television, but I do like to get a feel for the lifestyle the client and his or her family in order to figure out what a room should be for them!   Your home can be utilized to create the life you are looking for and wanting, and when you get intentional about function, it’s a great starting point!

This client’s kitchen had the perfect corner for a large dining area for the whole family, plus some.

Questions to ask to start:

  • Who will be spending time in here?
  • What will those people be doing, ideally?
  • Will it be mostly for personal use or for entertaining or both?
  • If entertaining is an aspect of this room, how often would you like to entertain and in what ways?
  • Are you needing a space that is more inspirational or invigorating or more restful and quiet?
  • What have been the problems with this room (or a room like it) been in the past?
  1. Assigning a “jumping-off piece” + figuring out what stays and what goes. While I’ve done rooms from scratch, a lot of times clients need some basic updating and rearranging and an idea on what stays and goes. What’s nice when you start redecorating a room is to find an item that can be used as a jumping off point. It can be the bed, or a grandmother’s chaise, a piece of artwork, or even a piece of fabric! The important thing is that what stays, is honored, and it may just be the inspiration that the entire room revolves around!

    A very special piece for this client: a classic Eames chair.

On the other hand, if there are items that don’t “spark joy,” (thanks, Marie Kondo), then one should seriously think about letting them go because they could clog up the entire design process! A gentle reminder that “everything has a home – even if it is in someone else’s home” and “one person’s trash is another’s treasure” can help with this process as far as donating or selling or giving away goes.

3.   Choosing a color palette. How I love a deck of Pantone cards! On occasion, I’ll lay out those cards in front of a client, simply so they can just pick at random to see where their taste lie and to remind them that this is a fun and creative process, not to be taken too seriously! This is not the only way to figure out a palette; sometimes the “key piece” defines the color scheme. I also remember famous designer, Emily Henderson, looking through a client’s clothes to see what colors they tend towards and like. Very nice idea!

Different client, different colors! Blues rule in this dining space.

Regardless, deciding a range of colors for each room can bring focus, clarity, and excitement into the project. I’ve worked with rooms that were primarily neutrals, in bone, deep taupes, and off blacks with gold accents, as well as rooms that burst with color, including magentas, turquoises, yellows, and more. The key is to find a few core colors and stick to them, using neutrals to balance things out when necessary.   One can flip through a paint deck or choose a great fabric or simply go on-line and look through Pinterest to get ideas for color schemes.

Again, it’s important to keep it playful! That joy will influence the project and the final result immensely.


  1. Measuring thrice.   I’m neurotic when it comes to measuring mostly because if I mess that up, it’d be a real pain to fix, and I’m a preventive type of person. I love to get a floor plan to scale and play with furniture ideas at their exact measurements in order to find the best fit for the space. I’m a big fan of blue tape on the floors to mark out the dimensions so the client can feel what it would be like to have something that size in that room. It works! And it’s worth it! Especially for big ticket and big size items! The extra pre-paving is worth it!

Make sure your barstools are the right height before you purchase!

5. Creating cohesion and adding personal touches. Once you’ve placed and decided on key larger pieces, it’s important to keep going! Things like drapes or rugs or lamps or side tables or even decorative items such as candles, plants, or books can warm up a space immensely. I especially love to implement and “honor” items special to the client. Personal photos and souvenirs from vacations and family heirlooms (if liked!) will add tremendous personality and individuality to the space.

Consider it like this: Imagine that a stranger came to your home when no one was there. You do not want them to leave feeling like they’ve walked through a West Elm or Restoration Hardware (or any) show room! You do want them to leave feeling like they gotten to know you and those who live there.

And if you’re really doing it right, they’ll feel so great in the space, they won’t want to leave!

While the chair was the jumping off piece to this midcentury-modern “music listening” room, the record player and speakers were sentimental to the client.  Add some fun custom drapes, a shag rug, and a sputnik light fixture, and walah!


To see if you and Katie are a fit for an interior decorating session, call her at 205.983.0888.


Year of the Metal Rat ~ Predictions


Every year at New Year’s, I do a meditation for what we can expect for the upcoming year in regards to the element and animal ascribed to it, according to Chinese lore.  This is in tradition with Feng Shui, and it’s a fun way to channel your energies and set intentions for the year to come.

2020 is the Year of the Rat.  It begins on January 25th,  the “lunar” new year.

Rats are controversial creatures, no doubt.  But they are survivors.  Clever in their own right, Rats do not play the fool.

They scurry, they burrow, and they are active in the dark of night.

They protect their young.

They are resourceful.

Oh, and did I say that they were clever?

Add the element of Metal, which brings to mind the word, “sharp,” and you can expect some brilliant ideas to surface in 2020.

2020 brings innovativeness and from that innovativeness, fortune.

Who can forget the animated version of Charlotte’s Web, and that scrappy rat, Templeton, when he discovers the county fair?  He’s literally rolling in his loot, more food and fun than he could ever imagine.   You too will be rolling in the dough, my friends, if and only if you heed those ideas that the Metal Rat so quietly whispers into the dark corners of your mind.

More on Metal:  While Fire brings action and sociability; Earth brings comfort and groundedness; Water brings introspection and adaptability; and Wood brings growth and expansion; Metal brings refinement, clarity, and again, resourcefulness.

As I write, I’m getting more and more excited about the Year of the Metal Rat!

Because, again:  RATS DON’T PLAY THE FOOL.  Make the Rat a Metal Rat, and you’ve got a sword-wielding, beady-yet-clear-eyed Mighty Mouse who will shred to pieces Doubt, Confusion, Nonsense, and Noise from our lives…….if given the respect it deserves.

As far as numerology goes, traditionally 2020 would be a 4 year, which brings a sense of stability (think: a table with four legs and the solidness of a square or rectangle).

Yet, the number 2020 is special.  We can’t ignore the symbolism of “clear sightedness” shouted out by this number.  Ahhh, clarity.  I like to say that one of my most favorite and powerful prayers is to ask for clarity.  With clarity, the path is lit, the way is open, and there is a KNOWING.

So set your sights in 2020.

And although this year looks promising with it’s zero BS and it’s wide open eyes, there is something you need to be aware of ~ there is an aspect of allowing these energies to take place in your life.   The Rat is too smart.  His won’t waste his gifts on those who would squander them.  He knows that too many of us would rather walk around half-blind, or settle for the noise and nonsense rather than put our intent on something more worthwhile, than heed the calling of what he has to offer — a more fulfilling, rich path that again, takes no fools.

Stay tuned on more write-ups on how best to welcome the Metal Rat.  To begin, of course, I will remind you to take the days up until January 25th to declutter, declutter, declutter.  If there was ever a year to declutter, it would be the one of the Metal Rat.  I mean that.  

Again, rats take no fools…and neither should you, especially if YOU are the one fooling YOURSELF.  Decluttering and Feng Shui can truly help you access the positive energies of 2020, so I hope to see more of you this year!

Cheers and chi and blessings galore,


It’s not too late to join Katie’s Declutter Your Way to Clarity eCourse, which ends on Jan 25th.  You’ll be privy to the private FB page where people will support and share on their own declutter adventures!  JOIN TODAY!

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